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Sunday, October 15, 2006

TVB 39th Anniversary award news collection

I'm uploading some clips at the moment, so meantime I'll post some news update regarding Charmaine and TVB Best Actress award news.

[The Sun 15/10/06]

Charmaine forced to Drink Soup by Fans

Often devoted fans will make soup for their idols and although this is out of good intentions, but sometimes these can turn into a nightmare. Charmaine Sheh recalls how she was once forced to drink soup by a fan.

"A male fan once presented me with a flask of soup and at first, I thanked him for his gift and I planned to take it to drink in the studio, but he forced me to drink it in front of him and would not let me leave until I had drank it all. I declined awkwardly, but he immediately lost his temper and looked at me very threateningly. Although I was very scared at that point, I managed to talk him round eventually after much hard work and avoided having to drink the soup immediately."

[The Sun 14/10/06]

Charmaine Leads Internet Polls for Best TVB Actress

The nominations for TVB's Anniversary Awards have now been released and the internet polls have been going wild as the battle of the fans begins to select their Best Actor and Best Actress Awards. Early results indicate that Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh are in the lead with their roles in "Maiden's Vow".

Early indications on an internet poll suggest that Charmaine is leading the 'Best Actress' stakes, 138 votes ahead of second place Sheren Tang. However, in the poll for "My Favourite Television Character", Sheren leads Charmaine by 106 votes. The other hot favourite Myolie Wu is lagging behind a little with just 11 votes because her series is yet to air.

In the 'Best Actor' category, Raymond Lam is in second place with his nomination for "La Femme Desperado" behind leader Joe . The 'Best Drama' is currently led by "La Femme Desperado" way ahead of the second place "Maiden's Vow". Uber-popular game show "Beautiful Cooking" is leading the way in both the 'Most Creative Show' and 'Best Variety Performance' category. However, Ronald Cheng has been beaten back into second place for 'Best Host' by Sammy Leung.

Charmaine was happy about her lead in the polls: "If the result on the night is like this, that would be good, but it is still early and there is still nearly a month to go. (Are you nervous?) I will just stay calm. However, I do hope that the internet pollers will vote for me in the TVB vote as I am quite confident of winning an award."

[Wen Wei Po 15/10/06]

Joe Ma is Confident of Anniversary Award

Joe Ma, Rain Li and Takuya Suzuki took part in the "Lan Kwai Fong Beautiful Girls Cooking Contest", where they were guest judges. Takuya was particularly scared that the food cooked by the girls would be horrible.

Takuya indicates that he can cook and his favourite foods are Japanese curry and spaghetti. He says: "Sometimes I will invite my friends to eat at my home and I often cook for myself." He has recently taken part in many events and filmed a lot and he is working hard to learn Cantonese."

There were reports yesterday that Joe Ma is currently topping the internet polls as a favourite to win this year's TVB Anniversary award for 'Best Actor. He is very happy for the support of the audience, but he will not put additional pressure on himself. Joe says: "I have a good feeling about my role in 'Maiden's Vow' because playing characters in four different periods was a breakthrough for me." He is confident that he will win an award and says that artistes tend to be too polite, but he feels that everyone has to have some confidence in themselves to be able to play their roles convincingly. As for the female award, he is confident that his co-star in "Maiden's Vow" Charmaine Sheh will take it. He says: "I have always liked Charmaine's acting and I think she is very talented."

Rain indicates that she has been suffering from fainting due to low blood pressure and low blood sugar as a result of her menstruation. She says: "I suddenly fainted in the street and this is the first time I have done this and I banged my face. I am fine now, but I cannot emphasis my expressions too much."

Steven Ma's opinion:

Talking of this year's anniversary awards, Steven hopes that his role in "Safe Guards" will make him one of the 'Most Favourite Television Characters' this year, however he is also quite confident of his chances in the 'Best Actor' category. He says: "I think Kevin (Cheng) stands a good chance of winning because he has been through so much and has found success now, so I hope he wins. Of course I hope that I win, the best would be if we could both win. (Bowie Lam wants to win too?) It doesn't matter, everyone in acting wants to win it, but healthy competition is a good thing and to aim for the award is a great motivational force. We can compete against each other but also support each other and we all share hugs no matter who wins." As for the 'Best Actress' award, Steven thinks it is a battle between Charmaine Sheh and Ada Choi and he thinks the 'Most Improved' awards will go to Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma.

Bowie Lam's opinion:

He also feels that there is quite a strong contest for the Female award this year, because it is an even battle between Sheren Tang, Ada Choi and Charmaine Sheh. As for the other hot favourite Myolie Wu, he says that he does not want to comment because he has not seen her series yet, but having worked with her before, he finds her very conscientious.

News translation credit to Em.

Sehseh: Since Myolie's series haven't bee aired yet at the moment, I'm sure her votes will increase later.

p.s. There is also an interview with Charmaine regarding her opinion on Best Actress award, I'll be posting that along with the lighting ceremony clip later.

In addition, Charmaine will be going on 15/16 special show on October 16th, 2006 (Monday).

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Funn Lim said...

Mark my words, the perpetual bridesmaid will win this year and become the bride. Myolie is a little too soon. Sehseh if Charmaine wins,wll you like decorate your website with her pictures and make wallpapers and stuff? make a fanmade MV perhaps of all her performances in her acting career?

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