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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sneak preview of Charmaine in TVB 2007 Calender

Ever since the release of a few blurred sneak preview of next year's TVB 2007 Calender, fans were worried of how they turned out. Maybe I don't know how to appreciate art but frankly, the settings and costumes are plain weird - and to some extend; tacky. You can go to Kitson's site to view some screencaps of 'behind-the-scene' to get what I mean. Today, I have found a pic of Charmaine posing for the calender - it's not the actual calender but at least we know what's the style for the month of December. Others featured in December: Bowie Lam, Anna Yau, Elaine Yiu, Leanne Li, Nancy Wu etc.

Click for full version. Credit to Pumaboy from

Well, from the pic it's not as bad as I imagined... but I'll keep my fingers crossed till we see the finalized version.

Talking about pictures, here's some on-set pictures of Charmaine and Raymond Lam filming outdoor scenes for [The Changing Times] at Tsim Sha Tsui. As the pics are from tabloids - which means the content are mostly bulls**t, I'll be brief and summarize the scenes below:

A big "Thank You" to Bebe for the pics.

The scene above mention about a scene where Charmaine's character have to trip while carrying a box of documents. Charmaine have to re-take 8 times before getting a successful shot. Afterwards, there is an argument scene between Charmaine and a drunk Ray - Charmaine was suppose to slap him and he blocked it in time. A lot of bystanders also gathered around the set.

Because Charmaine has to trip so many times, fans started to feel sorry for her and start to complain, "Do she really need to fall so many times? It hurts!" During filming, a male fan started to get very close and took pictures of Charmaine, scaring her. She quickly went to another filming crew member. Since Ella Koon's incident, female artistes has become more sensitive to male fans. However, Charmaine still obliged taking pictures with female fans.

I have to apologize because I admit that I did not update too much on Charmaine 'hot' news lately - they're mostly made up crap by tabloids. However, here's a radio interview she did recently and she explained some of the rumors. I recommend this clip because you'll definitely get to know more of Charmaine's personality after listening to this clip.

*Radio Interview - Oct 24th, 2006: Download here
Credit to charmaines @

Here is another clip of Charmaine being interviewed by TVB Scoop at the radio station:

Charmaine clarifying rumors

Download the clip here.
Credit to Bebe from

Funny clip: Charmaine, Kevin Cheng, Angela Tong pronouncing chinese words

Download the clip here.
Credits to Bebe from

Image Hosted by

Charmaine shares Ghostly Experiences

[Ta Kung Pao 27/10/06]

Charmaine Sheh took part in a Metro Radio programme talking about spooky experiences and she says she is quite lucky in the she has not met with many spirits during filming. The only time was when she met with some strange events, whilst she was abroad. Working in Malaysia's Genting once, she returned to the hotel to sleep in the evening and suddently felt that there was a hand grabbing her arm. The hand was soft and very scary, like a swollen floating victim. At the time she could not move and had to struggle to scream out. The hand withdrew, but she could not get back to sleep after that. Fortunately she left Genting the following day.

Charmaine's scariest story is from her co-star Joe Ma. Joe was away working and as he was very tired, he immediately went to sleep as soon as he arrived back at the hotel. However, as soon as he tucked himself in, he heard a piercng scream. He thought the sound came from the wardrobe, but he thought he was dreaming. Then he realised that he did not fall asleep so quickly and he felt that he was unable to move, so he recited some mantras to himself until the screaming finally moved back into the wardrobe. At first, he wanted to leave the room, but he daren't pass the wardrobe, so he ended up staying in the room until daybreak.

News translation credits to Em.

p.s. Sorry, I was suppose to update on 15/16 special part 2 today but the download link has reached it's limit so I'll try later. Anyway, it's sort of a good news for me since I only had my 1GB pendrive with me now and I'm desperately need the space to download Hwang Jin I first episode. The sneak previews and tidbits of this new 24 episode korean costume drama is enough to spark me into Hwang Jin I frenzy.

This series star Ha Ji Won as Hwang Jin I. Kim Rae Won will be playing one of the male leads - famous poet Kim Jung Han. He has yet to appear (so far it's only 6 episodes aired in Seoul). The current male lead, the 19 year old Jang Geun Seok (he look like a mini version of Jo In-Sung!) is playing HJI first love, Eun Ho. There are two more hunky korean actor; Lee Si Hwan and Ryu Tae Jun - talk about eye candy! The cinematography is beautiful as well.

To learn more about this series:

Hwang Jin I Official Site
Hwang Jin I Olive 9 site *recommended*
Hwang Jin I Soompi forum *recommended*
Wikipedia page of the legendary Hwang Jin I


Sneak preview: Episode 3

Fan Made MV (from just 4 episode! Wow!)

p.s. Hmm... Ha Ji Won looked so pretty and graceful in hanbok. She have an unique charm :)

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