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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Raymond Lam keep NG during The Changing Times filming

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Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Could Not Control Laughter, Resulting in Numerous NG's

[Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh Si Man has been busy lately filming "The Changing Times" with Raymond Lam Fung. Last night, the pair filmed a car scene in Happy Valley. They could not repress their laughter on the set and with Raymond's microphone malfunctioning, this resulted in numerous NG's (re-takes).

Raymond was unable to control his hunger during filming and ate supper with the crew members. Afterwards, he went to a nearby store and bought a bag of shrimp chips and continued to eat.

There have been tabloid reports that Charmaine, in her quest to win the Best Actress Award, has been spreading denigrating remarks about Myolie Wu Hang Yee at the TVB studio.

Reporters contacted Myolie yesterday, but she said she has not read such reports. Myolie said, "I have not seen these reports so I will not comment. But I don't believe Charmaine will act in such a manner. These kind of tabloid reports circulate every year near the TVB Anniversary timeframe, so I do not mind and will not bear them to heart."

Translation above credit to Jayne.

Additional news and pics:

Raymond Lam fumbling while driving old car model

[Apple Daily]

Last night, Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam were at Happy Valley filming a romance scene in the car for [The Changing Times]. Seating at the passenger seat, Charmaine will occasionally touch up her make up while the 'chauffeur' Raymond has drived a Benz before, but when he's required to drive an old model of Benz during filming, he keep fumbling, creating a funny atmosphere.

Raymond Lam keep making NG, Charmaine pursed her lips.

[Ent Tom]

Raymond Lam, who is constantly surrounded by beauties, has filmed close encounter with many actresses, including onscreen kissing. There were countless actresses who has filmed kissing scene with him before such as Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, Tammy Chen etc. and he still manage to film those awkward scenes successfully. However, when he was filming a scene opening the car door for Charmaine Sheh last night, he NG 6, 7 times and it seems like he couldn't focus.

Earlier, there were tabloid pictures of Ray changing his pants with Linda looking at him in the same car. Because there is no embarassment shown, people starting to wonder if there is something going on between them! This time around while filming with Charmaine, Ray doesn't seem to be himself. Perhaps he was too nervous seeing so many reporters around. He appeared to be extremely nervous the whole night.

Calming nervousness by fixing hair

Actually, the director requested Ray and Charmaine to film a simple scene. The scene was about Ray driving Charmaine somewhere, and when the car stopped, he just need to open the door for her and Charmaine will speak a short line to him.

Unfortunately, since Ray lacked focus, he appeared to be stiff, making the director call NG and has to retake a few times, making Ray a little embarassed. Before filming, both of them stayed in the car and read their scripts. However, Ray keep making NG's in scene without dialogue. Charmaine, who was in a good mood, in the end started to become a little unhappy.

Because Ray feel uneasy, he keep asking the stylist to fix his hair, comparing with Charmaine who is a lady is not as fussy with her own appearance.

Sehseh: Finally, some news on SYFW filming! Before this, there were news that filming was on temporary hold as there is not enough crew member available. With the cast heading overseas starting next month, no wonder they're speeding things up. Vancouver fans should be excited because SYFW will be filming there (exact schedule not known yet).

TVB anniversary is the time where HK tabloids get extremely busy. The focus and rumors surrounding the award just won't die down. I did not believe Charmaine making bad remarks at Myolie because 1. She know better than that and 2. Who the hell will get award by being so stupid and create a bad image of themselves? Come on, Mr. and Ms. Doggie Group, surely you guys can make up more believable story. At least try to entertain us with more creative stories... (sarrcastic).

By the way, Pearl of Orient official title is "Glittering Days". Official poster credit to

Plus, some pictures of Charmaine on 15/16 special show:

*Added: Interview clip of Charmaine at 15/16 Special Show

Download clip here.
Credit to Bebe @

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