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Saturday, October 07, 2006

[Pearl of Orient] cast to perform at TVB 39th Anniversary lighting ceremony

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Great news! Liza Wang, Roger Kwok and Charmaine will have a special performance at TVB 39th Anniversary lighting ceremony. The article also commented that Charmaine have a high chance of winning Favorite Actress this year :)

Date: October 10th, 2006
Time: 4.00 - 7.00pm

p.s. The lighting ceremony signify the beginning of TVB anniversary celebration until November 19.

Clips, clips, clips!

In addition of adding two news clip of [The Changing Times] praying ceremony to the post below, I've also found some TVBS-G clips and also two fanmade MV for [Maiden's Vow].

TVBS-G Weekly Star: Charmaine Sheh

Download the clip here

TVBS-G Weekly Star: Raymond Lam

Download the clip here

Maiden's Vow fanmade MV (also subtheme 千載百世 by Joe Ma)

Download the clip here
Note: The clip in .flv format.

Updated: Download 千載百世 mp3 version. The MV above credits to Junelung from

Maiden's Vow fanmade MV: Sammul & Charmaine
Download the clip here
Note: The clip in .flv format.

The song featured in Sammul fanmade MV is 似曾相识 by David Tao. The lyrics make it very suitable for those time travel love stories.

And fans, please remember to VOTE FOR CHARMAINE at The Annual Artiste Awards 2006 !!!

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