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Monday, October 30, 2006

Charmaine's column: Concealer is more important than applying medicine?


Once, me and another female entertainer attended a huge event. When we are walking towards the venue, the female entertainer accidentally tripped. Though her assistant immediately held her, she scrapped her knees and they started to bleed. Her manager quickly cleaned the wounds with wet tissues and anxiously asked if anyone have band aid (plaster) with them. The reason for her anxiety is that she is worried that the dress will be stained by the blood - the dress was sponsored and they will have to return the dress in perfect condition back to the store after the event ends. Looking at them, I gave a little smile...

Last month, I went to Mainland China for a ribbon cutting ceremony. After getting make-up and setting the hair, I was about to depart to the event when I saw the lights were still on and reached out my hand to switch it off. At the moment, my arm was scalded by hot lamp and a 3 inch mark immediately appeared on my arm. The first thing I did was to apply concealer on the wound until they were completely hidden from sight. I looked into the mirror and smiled, feeling satisfied.

It was then when I felt the painful pricking sensation on the wound. Looking at myself in the mirror, many questions suddenly started to pop up in my mind; why when my arm was injured, the first thing I did was not looking for medicine, but concealer instead? Why concealing the wound is more important than applying medicine to soothe the pain? Was it because my occupation pursue perfection, or was it the innate human nature to hide their flaws?

A month has passed.

Now, looking at the scar on my arm, I smiled to myself. I finally think through.

Regardless of what problem we encountered, no matter how you choose to solve them, the most important thing is you won't be regretful. That, is already good enough.

- Charmaine Sheh, 詩文人.

Small accidents always happen and Charmaine hope everyone take care care of their safety :)

The original chinese article was written by Charmaine herself. This is the second time she wrote a column (I vaguely remember she wrote one for a magazine not long ago - I'll try and dig that up). My apologies if I made any mistake with the translation. Aiks... and there's many stuff waiting to be translated. Yeah, I'm lazy :P

Kindly, please give me and my site due credit if you wish to repost the article.

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