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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Charmaine Sheh & Myolie Wu Laugh Over Disagreement Rumors

[The Sun]

TVB's 2006 Anniversary will be held on November 10th. Many tabloids have claimed that Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu are in disagreement due to competition for the Best Actress Award. Both Charmaine and Myolie laughed over the rumors, hoping instead to get to know each other better through their latest collaboration, "The Changing Times."

Since the disagreement rumors surfaced, this photo shoot is the first time that Charmaine and Myolie have been brought together. But they showed a surprising compatibility, matching each other's poses in the photographs. Both Charmaine and Myolie entered the industry through the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and despite sharing the same manager, they do not know each other too well. They can only laugh over the recent disagreement rumors.

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Charmaine and Myolie are working together for the first time on new series, "The Changing Times." However it is ironic that both women will be fighting over Raymond Lam Fung in the series, resulting in a complex love triangle. Charmaine hopes to get to know Myolie better while filming the series.

Myolie also said that she has learned how to handle rumors. Mentally prepared, she does not mind these false reports and instead, worries whether the tabloid photos are flattering or not.

Also, Charmaine appeared in Pacino Wan's fashion show yesterday. She hopes to earn more income in order to pay for her income taxes. Charmaine's income statement earlier gave her a shock. In the past two years, Charmaine had to pay over $1 million (HKD) in taxes. In the past, Charmaine did not have the proper cash flow [to pay her taxes] and was forced to move her [investment] funds; luckily she did not have to borrow from TVB.

Translation credit to Jayne.

p.s. I have translated and posted the news for yesterday Pacino Wan's fashion show below.

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