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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Charmaine attended Calvin Choy's wedding dinner

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Calvin Choy (one of the members of Grasshopper) has just gotten married recently. A lot of artiste from both acting and singing circle were invited to the wedding dinner. Despite their rumors, Charmaine, Benny Chan and even Joe Ma attended the dinner. Rumored couple Charmaine and Benny arrived and left separately in their own cars.

Not a fan of Charmaine's dress and definitely not Benny's no comb hairstyle, but love Charmaine's sexy slim legs... Derek look great with glasses.

On a sidenote, Alex Fong Chun Shun announced that he is going to tie the knot in March 2007. Congrats Alex and Mok Hor Yan!

The Changing Times praying ceremony

The Changing Times (the new title is Shui Yuet Fung Wan 《岁月风云》) is going to have a praying ceremony today at 4.00pm.

Attendees: Damien Lau, Raymond Lam, Ng Wai Kwok, Michael Miu, Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Toby Leong, Lau Kong, Mary Hon, Chan Mei Kei, Rocky Cheng, Michael Wong, Ron Ng and producers Leung Kar Shu and Poon Ka Tak.

Sherming Yiu birthday bash
Sherming Yiu celebrated her birthday last week and she held a birthday party attended by nearly a hundred friends, including showbiz friends Charmaine Sheh, Angela Tong, Eileen Yeow, Cheung Ho Lung (Cecilia Cheung's younger brother), Annie Man and Michael Tse. She laughed that she held a big party a couple of years ago but among the hundred people who attended, there were ... (More news at Emspace)


Hmm... seems like the TVB artistes do mix around in the same group. Sherming, Annie and Charmaine have been good friends for years... :)

Mid Autumn Festival guessing game

Charmaine was asked to play and guessing game related to Mid Autumn festival. Charmaine frankly said that she doesn't know much about the history, so she used some creativity in her answers instead.

Who is Sheung Or (Chang-Er) husband? "Erm... (sheepish smile) Sheung Or husband is of course Mr Sheung! Her name is Or, she changed her surname after marrying Mr Sheung, hence she's called Sheung Or!"

Who is Ng Kong? "It's Master Wu, the one that put on oil!" (Charmaine is referring to Master Wu, who always perform kungfu in TVB charity shows). Lol... the reporters were tickled silly by Charmaine's answer.

Interview with Angie Chiu & Charmaine Sheh: Zhou Zhi Yeurk in HSDS

A clip of Angie Chiu and Charmaine Sheh commenting on the role of Zhou Zhi Yeurk in HSDS. IMO, ZZY was my favorite costume look for Charmaine because she look drop dead gorgeous in it. The series (HSDS 2000) sucks but I could spend my whole day just staring at Charmaine's beautiful ZZY...

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