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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Charmaine almost fainted receiving 7 figure tax form

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[Orisun, Mingpao, Singpao, Singtao, Sohu]

Due to her increasing popularity, Charmaine Sheh was invited to catwalk at a fashion show with a 6-figure salary. She divulged that she has paid 7-figure sum tax starting since 2 years ago, it's no wonder that Charmaine said she almost fainted when she received this year's income tax form.

Yesterday, well-known fashion designer Pacino Wan held an autumn-winter theme "A love letter for you" street fashion show at Causeway Bay. The fashion show also aims to raise funds of HKSPC (Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children). With Vanessa Yeung starting the show, Charmaine Sheh become the focus of the show. Others modelling at the show are Tracy Yip, Wong Yuen Yuen and etc. Donnie Yen and his daughter also appeared to show support for his sister-in-law Wong Yuen Yuen maiden catwalk.

Charmaine has never catwalk in a street fashion show and she feels that it was a fun experience. However, she was wary of being secretly filmed during changing, therefore she made a lot of safety precaution beforehand. At the end of the fashion show, Pacino came out holding Charmaine's hand, clearly showing his preference of her over other guest models.

Using investment savings to pay tax

Though Charmaine only paraded two sets of clothes, she has received a 6-figure sum salary and another additional 5-figure sum of clothes sponsorship. Charmaine hope that she can do more catwalks because it increases her income. She denied that the reason for her catwalk job was due to her increasing popularity during TVB anniversary. She has always received invitations for catwalk in the past, but her schedule was tight with filming series.

When asked whether she has became rich from the extra income, Charmaine loudly sighs that she has to pay high amount of tax this year: "When I saw the tax form, I feel like fainting, it's so painful as if someone sliced off my flesh." She also divulged that she has paid tax as high as 7-figure sum since 2 years ago. At that time, she regrets having no cash savings and ended up using her investment savings instead. Luckily she doesn't need to borrow salary from TVB. Nowadays, she learned to prepare savings to pay her taxes.

Commenting on Internet polls

Mentioning about TVB anniversary award, Charmaine was asked to comment about her votes leading over Myolie Wu in the Internet polls. Charmaine expressed her gratefulness and hope they will continue to support her.

Charmaine said she has watched Myolie's performance in TGWL. But Myolie's acting in TGWL has been criticised to be exaggerated? Charmaine didn't criticise but instead praised: "I feel that her performance is good, quite adorable. It's not a problem to be a little exaggerated in comedy series." When asked who is her choice of Best Actress award, Charmaine declined to comment because it's a rather sensitive topic.

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Exclusive pics: Charmaine's HK website has loads of pics taken during the fashion show. You can view them at -> Gallery -> Functions.

Sehseh: 7-figure sum?! That's more than a million HKD in tax money! Whoa! Though I'm unlikely to be required to pay such exorbitant amount in this lifetime, I can feel the pinch just by hearing it. If only we ladies get tax evasion for clothes and shoes! Who care about books?! - Just kidding lah...

Speaking of fashion, I waiting for those news about the actresses trying on their sponsored jewellery. Since the award will be held on November 10th, I guess we'll have to wait for at least one more week. I hope Charmaine will wear a white gown at the award ceremony because she look great in pure white.

I'm in the midst of translating TVB Calender 2007 write up in the current issue of TVB mag (oops, fell asleep last night!). I'll be posting that tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the interview article of both Charmaine and Myolie above.


Funn Lim said...

7 figure? Hearing that makes me

1. wanna faint also; and
2. wow, she earns so much??

So Sammie Cheng must be lke 8 figure with her SKII and what nots?

Hurry up with the news!

Charlotte said...

I've seen in a newspapers in Malaysia which was very unfair. It put the title saying that Charmaine critisised Myolie's performance, but in the content, Charmaine didn't critisise Myolie at all. I think this could give a wrong impression to the readers (towards Charmaine) who didn't read the content, but just the title.

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