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Sunday, October 01, 2006

[The Changing Times] synopsis update

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Credits to triumph2004 and 小倩 from Raymond Forest.

Note: Updated Oct 2nd, 2006

The story begins with Ray just returning from overseas. He is a proud person and his family owns a huge enterprise. His father is Damien Lau while his mother is Wong Shuk Yi.

At earlier stage, Ray was arrogant because he is very good at doing business and because of this there was a period where his family business flourished. This made him a little proud. However, his family bankrupted and he met many setbacks. He has to start from bottom again, and his character gradually matures. Along the way, he met with a lot of people who helped him.

Ray said that he is working hard to keep his hair long because he came back from overseas. He also have to speak Mandarin and he will have many scenes with mainland casts. In addition, he mentioned that this role was a very long and challenging role, but he will work hard on it.

Additional [The Changing Times] synopsis:

Damien Lau started his business via real estate investment. After his business deteriorated, he changed to car dealership business. His wife is Gigi Wong Shuk Yi, who bore him daughter; Jessica Hsuan and son; Raymond Lam. Raymond is in love with Charmaine Sheh, while his assistant Myolie Wu is secretly in love with him.

Ron Ng's father, Benz Hui is the supervisor for the automobile service department. Ron will sometimes secretly take customer's car for a race. Ron's mother, Mary Hon (盧皓月 Lu Ho Yuet) along with his half brother Joe Ma (born from different father *updated) doted on him. On the other hand, Michael Miu and Sheren Tang's daughter Toby Leung is a reporter for an automobile magazine. One time, when sending her car for servicing at Ron's, she discovered that Ron droved her car, causing misunderstanding which later developed into romantic feelings.

Because this series revolves around history of the rise and fall of families, therefore the period is also very long. Ron will appear roughly after 20 episodes, and acting from 20 to 40 years old.

Summary of characters and storyline (possible spoilers):

The storyline revolve around the struggles and conflict within Wah brothers, who run the automobile industry. There are 3 brothers, the eldest being Damien Lau, the 2nd brother a mainland actor and the third brother is Michael Miu.

Damien Lau (华文翰 Wah Man Hang) the eldest brother and wife Gigi Wong have two children; Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam (华振邦 Wah Zhen Pong).

Jessica character is very soft, highly educated and obedient daughter to Damien. However, she have a rebellious streak when it comes to relationship - she will have affairs with Joe Ma and Michael Wong Man Tak. Jessica thought she will be speaking Mandarin in FWSY, so she purposely bought a Mandarin learning set in preparation. She later found out that all her dialogues will be in Cantonese.

Ray will be involved in a complex love triangle with Charmaine and Myolie. In addition, there will be two more Mainland actors involved in the love quadruple.

Ray will be portraying from 26 years old to 40 years old. He is a bit worried that he won't look convincing as 40 years old.

Charmaine Sheh's role is a very filial, strong willed and ambitious girl. Her mother, Chan Mei Kei (衞長萍 Wai Cheung Ping) had an affair with Damien years ago and this has lead to conflict between her and Ray's relationship, causing them to break up. Ray later ends up with his secretary, Myolie (方秉怡 Fong Bing Yee) while Charmaine met Chen Kun (mainland actor).

Myolie's character is a very upbeat and happy girl. She will be Ray's secretary who is secretly in love with him. News said that filming for Myolie will start later as TVB wanted to give her more time to lose weight.

Michael Miu (华文碩 Wah Man Shek) and Sheren Tang (汪紹芬 Wong Siu Fan) will act as a couple, with Toby Leung (华清琳 Wah Ching Ling) as their daughter. Their marriage seems perfect from outside, but there's actually a lot of problems. Michael's character is a bit cunning and often act as a middle person between his elder brothers. It was also hinted that he is a playboy. Meanwhile, Sheren begins as a rich heiress, whose family actually own the automobile business in the first place.

Joe Ma will be playing a semi villain businessman. He is Ron's half brother. There will be a period in the series where Ron falls into coma and Toby will take care of him, with a lot of crying scenes.

New updates! According to TVB mag, Ron and Joe is actually born from the same mother (Mary Hon). Joe is actually Ng Wai Kwok (危天行 Ngai Tin Hang)'s son and there is possibility that Ron is not Benz's son after all. Ng Wai Kwok was once crushed by the Wah brothers, therefore he intended to seek revenge. I've read somewhere in Baidu that Ng Wai Kwok is Chan Mei Kei's husband, therefore he might be Charmaine's father (this make Charmaine, Joe and Ron half siblings - unconfirmed). More of this when I get the mag scans...

FWSY will be aired simultaneously by TVB and CCTV during prime time (usually 8-9pm). There will be an estimate of at least 140 million viewers. With outdoor filming in Mainland China and Canada, TVB plan to invest over HKD1 billion for production. As the story background involved with automobile industry, there will be a lot of beautiful cars featured.

(Note: The above will subject to change as the series has 60 episodes and script has not finished yet)

Additional clip: Ron defends Charmaine

Download the clip here.
Credits to Bebe from

The above clip doesn't speak much on FWSY. Ron defended Charmaine's rumor during their Bonia event in Malaysia recently. In the end of the clip, Jessica speaks about her decision to leave TVB management contract.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI know there are a lot of angry Charray fans with my updates above. Don't fret as the script is only half written and there might be more 'surprise' in store. Anyway, I'm fine with whoever Charmaine ends up with - be it Ray or Chen Kun, as long as the storyline is good.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNot to mention that Chen Kun is not only good looking, but can really act and sing well too... Ahemm. I'm hoping to get full confirmation that Chen Kun will really be in here, since he's supposedly busy with filming movies and promoting his new album.

Below is the picture of Chen Kun (left) and Chan Mei Kei (right):

p.s. If reposted the info above, kindly give due credit. Thanks :)

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure hope Ray will end up with Charmaine. I'm tired of seeing Ray with Myolie. They have been an on screen couple for enough series already.

This is partially due to the fact that I really don't care for Myolie. Charmaine looks better than Myolie.

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