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Sunday, September 17, 2006

New clips

Got plenty of new clips today. Take your pick...

Bonia - Nanyang clip

Credit to Raymond Forest and Nanyang.
Download the clip

2. Charmaine blog: Visit to Wuhan

Credit to Bebe @
Download the clip

3. Maiden's Vow: 1970's Housewife

Download the clip here.

The Maiden's Vow clip is very funny. I almost did a double take when I saw the wedding portrait of Charmaine and Joe - it resemble my parent's! Haha... same hairstyle, pose and even similar wedding dress!

Mentioning [Maiden's Vow], the cast will be having a promo event today:

Hope MV will continue to gain high ratings. Charmaine was at Shenzhen yesterday for another 3D Gold ribbon cutting, and she was also supposed to have another branded watch event earlier today. Guess a very hectic schedule for her. News and pics of 3D Gold and today's event will be posted tomorrow.

Some scans related to Charmaine from

Credit to Patricia

Credit Bebe

Charmaine was also featured on a My Home magazine, but the files were to big for imageshack. I'll resize and upload them tomorrow. This way, I should have enough time for translation as well.

By the way, I have updated [Maiden's Vow] trailer download link below. I recommend downloading the clip because it gives a good preview of the whole series.

Also added 6 new pics of the Bonia Fashion Show.

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