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Friday, September 01, 2006

Interview: Charmaine's pitiful love story

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Drifting among amidst heaven and hell: Charmaine's poor fate in love

Charmaine Sheh, like majority of us, does not come from a wealthy background and thus she has to be self-dependant. When she first entered showbiz, she did not received special treatment with her angelic face; she too has been scolded terribly by others. After becoming popular, there are a lot of 'creative' gossips surrounding her. However, Charmaine maintain dignified and prepared to fend off those rumours anytime. She continues to live her life with laughter, even happier we do.

She truly believes: "Time can change a lot of things."

Filming series: Pursuing new directions

Before fame, Charmaine entered the brutal world of TV series through 'heaven': Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant. She has been accused of bad acting, 'chick' voice, clueless and many others baseless rumours.

Time passed and with her status, we expected she will throw her weight around- but all these years, she never had an outburst!

"Every time before I accept a role, I will try to understand the character and hope to take a role that I haven't tried before. If the role was similar, I will discuss for another approach, as long as it is different from the previous role(s). When I first started, I was criticised and I did have doubts in myself. But time can really change many things; I love working in this industry. As long as you have the enthusiasm, nothing is too difficult."

Keeping temper in control

"After so many years, I have indeed changed a lot. In the past, I will be unhappy with those rumours. But now, what have I not gone through yet? If they're truly your friends, your friendship won't be affected by those reports. Needless to say, family members also never voice their opinion on this. Since nothing much was affected, why do I need to be unhappy? In work, I dare to be more expressive because the more series you filmed, naturally you will have more requirement (expectation). If I want to change anything, I will discuss it with others. I have my own requirements but if others failed after trying their best, I can't do anything. Everyone have tempers. But what is the use of throwing tantrums? You must understand that everyone have different capabilities. Understanding this, you won't need to upset. We must be willing to take a step back, because there will be more opportunities in the future."

First Love: Emotion vs. Rationality

Charmaine experienced first love when she was 18 years old. Even though she knew she shouldn't start the relationship, but she lost to her emotions. After half a year, the love ends because of rationality:

"To study overseas at Switzerland, I have made a long preparation. When everything was ready, my mum's friend's son has just returned from studying overseas and so four of us went for a meal. I fell in love with him at first sight." Her first boyfriend was older than her by 3-4 years, he barely begun his career yet but they were dating successfully.

Decisive in break up

"I knew that I'll be leaving HK, therefore I was reluctant to start a relationship. But he was really romantic. He made a lot of handmade cards for me; some hand drawn, some with paper collage, and some even made with flowers… Until one night where we went to the hilltop, he gave me a jigsaw puzzle. When I have completed the jigsaw puzzle, it was written: "Will you be my girlfriend?" on it. Rationality can never win over emotion, so I started the relationship even though I know I shouldn't. Until I went studying in Switzerland, I suggested breaking up and he was very understanding. I was not born with a golden key in my mouth, I don't want to have worries, and I don't want to waste money just for romance. Breaking up, was inevitable choice!"

Time will heal

Studying in Switzerland, Charmaine was unfamiliar with the people and places. When she have free time, she will travel to neighbouring Europe countries. She experienced having her bag snatched on the street, getting lost and unable to go home, sleeping in train station and attending classes with an empty stomach. Charmaine was only 18 years old back then.

"If you failed to catch the last train, it is very miserable to sleep outside the train station because of the cold weather. After two weeks, I missed the train again, and I felt more miserable. But as miserable as I felt, it's not really that bad. Just like any people growing up in the society, some people may say that filming series is very exhausting, but in reality, all jobs can be exhausting. Working as teacher can be exhausting, as a nurse is also exhausting. The question is, do you like your job? It's like kids falling down when they first learn walking - it's very common. Like what I have said earlier, time can change a lot of things. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I was heartbroken for half a year. When I first arrived in Switzerland, I did keep in contact with him using fax machine. He wrote a lot of things until all my fax paper was used up. Time passed by and the things you thought you can never let go; you'll let go in the end."

Doesn't dare to meet

From day one after breaking up, Charmaine carefully kept away the gifts from her ex-boyfriend. Those fax rolls, DIY cards were like treasures to her.

"They're now gone, I've thrown them away… When I found out that he was getting married, I threw them away." In any way, Charmaine doesn't want to meet him:

"I believe that everyone will be fearful. What is the use of keeping contact? We have our own lives, and he was already married. I won't do this kind of things!"

[东方日报/Oriental Daily]

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Sehseh: Sigh... they said that 1st love is the most unforgettable. I'm very curious how her ex-boyfriend look like, because she fell in love with him at first sight. But then again, I rather not as I don't want the tabloids to be digging into their history.

Yeah, seems like Charmaine really likes romantic guys. I remember reading old articles where she mentioned crying her eyes out for weeks after breaking up with him, and he kept faxing mushy letters to her dorm in Switzerland.

Anyway, really proud of Charmaine, she came a long way. Don't be fooled by her dainty appearance, because Charmaine is a strong and confident woman. Haha.. I was also surprised the first time I met her, she look like a cute girl in early 20's but she talk so calmly and confident without any trace of arrogance. That's another reason why I admire her so much :)

p.s. 15/16 clips, Maiden's Vow theme 蝶变 (full version), New Zealand autograph session pics and news translation coming up!

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rachel said...

Yes, I admire Charmaine even more now of what she said at the press conference on 28/8. She is indeed a very confident lady and doesn't over react.

So, arts imitates life. I remember in some of her series in her earlier years Charmaine's chracters seems to have problems finding love or getting love in return.

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