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Saturday, September 02, 2006

15/16 show download

The above was a clip from the show - there is a short interview with Charmaine and Raymond. You can download the clip here. Credits to 雪子 from Raymond Forest and also special thanks to AliceChen.

Bittorrent download link:
Miriam vs Eason (107.11mb)

2. Charmaine vs Raymond (107.44mb)

New! 3. Hins Cheung group vs Theresa group (89.7mb)

New! 4. Sammy vs Siu Yee (119mb)

Note: The download time depend on your internet connection. Link credit to and Raymond Forest.

Also added: Maiden's Vow themesong, 蝶变.

In addition, here's some pictures from Charmaine visit to New Zealand (she'll be one of the performing guest at MCI New Zealand tonight):

Added Sept 3rd, 2006. Performing at New Zealand MCI:


rachel said...

In the last NZ picture Charmaine's face looks kinda rounded. Could be the angle while taking that shot

Mandy said...

LOL i know this might be a little late but i was wondering if you can reupload the 15/16 clips? I haven't seen it yet (yeah i know i'm slow LOL -__-) and would really like to watch it! (i've only seen screencaps and it looked like Charmaine and Raymond had such a great time!!!) THANK YOU!


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