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Monday, September 04, 2006

15/16 Charmaine vs Raymond

First of all, many thanks to dinglingdaihung for uploading the entire episode of Charmaine vs Raymond on 15/16 show. Also a special thanks to Mandy who have kindly informed me of the video links.

Part 1: Charmaine & Raymond playing marching game

Part 2: Charmaine vs Raymond

Part 3: Charmaine vs Raymond

Part 4: Charmaine, final game

Download link: (120mb)

1. Sendspace (slot expire very quickly)
2. Bittorent (dl program such as BitComet first)

In addition, I have uploaded next week's Maiden Vow's preview. I'll post it here when youtube finished processing the clip. (SPOILERS)... Man, hate Wong Yuk Lun (Sammul). Getting back together with that prostitute (Maria) and raping Yu Fung (Charmaine) when she want to leave their marriage. Poor Yu Fung...

Anyway, also updated the ripped version of Maiden's Vow ending theme.


Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, what show is 15/16? Is it always like 2 stars pitted against each other?

sehseh said...

15/16 is a quiz show where the contestant have to choose answer from 15 or 16. In chinese slang, 15/16 also mean 'undecided', kind of describe the situation of the contestant.

They are normally pitted one on one, sometime 2 vs 2 person.

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