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Sunday, August 27, 2006

TVB's Childrens Songs Award Presentation *updated

Charmaine sang "星星的加冕" at TVB's Childrens Songs Award Presentation last night. Charmaine look so sweet in the clip :)

Many thanks to Justme for sending me the clip. Download the clip here.

Added: Ripped version of the song. Download here.

News translation:

Performing at TVB's Childrens Songs Award Presentation for the first time, Charmaine sang "Little Da Jaeng Geum" cartoon themesong accompanied by little dancers. Charmaine smiled and said that it was her first time singing children song on stage. When asked how different was this experience compared to singing pop songs, Charmaine said that singing children song is a sweet experience and a lot more easier to sing. She hope that she can be nominated in next year TVB's Childrens Songs Award Presentation.


*Added: Interview clip credit to Bebe from Download the clip here.


Minor update:
Added mag scan of 15/16 show. Credits to Raymond Forest.

Looking at the mag scan reminded me of an update I posted two days ago. Ray, Charmaine, Ron, Bernice and Moses will be coming to Malaysia on September 13th, 2006 for a fashion show event. I have yet to found more details so please be patient until there's a confirmation.


passerby said...

whaaah! she was sweet and sounded so natural. i love that voice. charmaine improved so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Charmaine is so beautiful from day to addition her singing skill has been improove too.Anyway hope she always in healthy.

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