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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Schedule: Charmaine visit to Mainland China

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMainland fans are so lucky... Seems like a busy schedule for Charmaine:

8/9/2006 - (Noon) Fans Gathering

9/9/2006 - (11.00 am) 3D Gold ribbon cutting ceremony, Wuhan

16/9/2006 - (11.00 am) 3D Gold ribbon cutting ceremony, Shenzhen East Gate

17/9/2006 - (Noon) Enicar watch promo event, Shenyang

Source: Tina @

p.s. Enicar is a Swiss luxury watch brand. I have added two new clips, one is where Charmaine comment at the HK Star protest against paparazzi and also Maiden's Vow promotion where Joe had to eat insects:

Download the clip here.

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