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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ray and his varsity stories

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Ever wonder how's Ray was like and what his former classmates thought of him during his varsity years in Xianmen University? I found an amusing thread in Raymond Lam baidu forum and decided to post a brief summary. Though it may not be 100% true, Ray did verified some of the 'stories' below during his fans meeting in Mainland :)

1. Young Master

When Raymond just entered entertainment business, he was followed by bodyguards. The bodyguards called him 'Siu Yeh' (Young Master), hence the fans and reporters followed suit. During the filming of [Blade Heart], Ray's father sent some staff to take care of him, therefore reflecting his status as 'young master' (according to reporters). The nickname stuck since.

2. A Step Into the Past

Ray was already famous in his varsity years because he won the first prize in Xiamen's "Schools Top 10 Singers". However, he left his studies after the first year. Afterwards, some people heard that he played Emperor Qin in ASITP, therefore they quickly took a look and saw Ray onscreen, albeit darkly tanned.

3. Talented Singer

They think that Ray is more talented in singing than acting. Back in those days, his class (Architecture / Civil Engineering) is quite big and they enjoyed playing music loudly. Once, he played a Jacky Cheung's song and no one actually discovered anything amiss. Later, Ray told them that was a record of him singing!

4. Nice Guy

During his varsity years, he was quite naïve, shy, and didn't have any girlfriend. He always asked his classmates' advice in courting girls. After Ray found fame and returned to Xiamen, he is still very amicable and purposely visit the hostel to taught the new "Schools Top 10 Singers" participants some singing pointers.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHehehe.. I think the 4th story is very cute, especially the courting girls part. I don't think Ray have any problem in that department now. Heck, I'm sure there must be truckloads of fangirls waiting for him out there (save a seat for me please :P).

Anyway, don't take the post above too seriously. Just something to brighten up our day...

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