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Thursday, August 17, 2006

[Phoenix Quartet] trailers

Trailer 1: 'Opening Soon'

Four different era...

Download the clip: Link 1 or Link 2.

Trailer 2: Love & Marriage

Generation 1
Charmaine: Our ancestors has so many experience, it's more safe to follow tradition.
Joe: Even sacrificing our happiness by following them?

Generation 2
Joe: When it comes to marriage, following tradition will ruin our lives.
Charmaine: So we must seize the opportunity for our own happiness!

Generation 3
Charmaine: Grandpa & grandma, there's no need to argue. If made a wrong choice, we can still get divorce!
Joe: It's not up to you women to decide. Gender equality? Dream on!

Generation 4
Charmaine: All these divorce and marriage... isn't cohabiting much better? Marriage is so 'out'.
Joe: Si Ka, marry me!

Download the clip: Link 1 or Link 2.

Trailer 3: Joe Ma

Joe giving an intro of his character(s)

Download the clip: Link 1 or Link 2.

Trailer 4: Traditional Marriage

Joe explaining the marriage custom back in the older days.

Download the clip here.

Trailer 5: The Changing Status of Women

Joe explaining the changing status of women in the society.

Download the clip here.

*New!*Trailer 6: Four Love Stories

Four different love stories, four different lovers...
This clip is also very interesting, so don't miss it.

Download the clip here

*New!*Trailer 7: Charmaine characters

Charmaine in her four roles.

Download the clip: Link 1 or Link 2

More trailers will be added to this post. Credits to Bebe and

Image Hosted by Lol... the 2nd trailer is very funny, especially the family picture part where Charmaine elbowed hubby Joe for being unruly. Honestly, I find them attractive as a pair in the trailer so I hope this comedic series will do well in the ratings.

Maybe I should just forget the rumors, relax and enjoy the clips :)

You may notice that I'm using two dl links for some clips. Just now I'm having problem uploading to savefile so I have no choice but to temporarily upload them at sendspace and yousendit. How long does sendspace keep those clips?

Meanwhile, enjoy Charmaine's Besilke advertisement update and also some update on her coming schedule. Just scroll down and you'll see them.


Anonymous said...

I think you made a mistake in translation for the second trailer. I rewatched it after reading your translations (because I don't get all of what they are saying) and I heard "great grandma and grandma" not "grandpa and grandma".

Looks like an interesting show, just hope that they go in order and not out of order.

sehseh said...

Thanks for your comment. However, I'm not so sure if she's calling them great grandparents because in the sypnosis, the ones in Qing costumes are Charmaine (50's-60's era) grandparent while the second Charmaine (in student uniform) is her mother. I think she's calling them using a dialect/slang.

First generation: Ngai Ling Fung (Qing)

2nd Generation: Wong Zhi Guan (1919-1920's) She is the daughter of Ling Fung and her husband Sammul.

3rd Generation: Bak Wai Zhen (1950's) She is Ling Fung's grand daughter, but it doesn't mention her as Zhi Guan and Lee Gut Yeung's (Joe) daughter as her surname is different. Maybe Zhi Guan remarried.

4th Generation: Dai Si Ka (21st century) She is Bak Wai Zhen and her husband Dai Lap Yan (Joe) daughter.

Therefore, it's quite illogical if Zh Guan called her parents and her grandparents are 'great grandparents'.

sehseh said...

Okay, just found the correct genealogy record:

Ngai Yu Fung
YF daughter: Wong Zhi Guan
ZG granddaughter: Bak Wai Zhen
WZ daughter: Dai See Ka

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