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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Phoenix Quartet pics

The clip above featured some scene in PQ. To download the clip, go here.

Thanks to Pauline for asianfanatics, I found tonnes of pics of [Phoenix Quartet]. So many style and characters!

Cast list and synopsis coming soon.

As it will take a long time to re-upload them all, I'll just post a few here. For more pictures, go here.

Pics of Charmaine at A-Fontane event will be uploaded tomorrow along with news translation.


shehster said...

i went to the website provided where u can choose medium or big sized pics. none of that works!!! so sad... what's the problem?

sehseh said...

Shehster, I just tried and the links are still working for me. Try again later.

rachel said...

Looking at those pics, seems Joe & Charmaine looks like a cute couple and not to forget Sammuel Chan (poor kiddo) as well.

As for Charmaine she is forever elegant in whatever costumes she wears...

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