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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paparazzi hot on Charmaine's trail

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[The Sun 22/08/06]

Having earlier revealed that she has told her grandmother that she is too busy working to get married, Charmaine Sheh has been rather free lately as she has been heading out on leisure trips to refresh herself. However, her latest destination was not the female shopping heaven that is Japan or Europe, but to neighbouring Macau. Having filmed there previously for the series "Return of the Cuckoo" with Julian Cheung, it doesn't seem she will be creating any more rumours with him on this occasion.

Translation credit to Em.

Since returning to HK, the reporters has followed Charmaine's trail. Before the Joe Ma incident, the tabloids have also taken pic of her hanging out with friends such as Catherine Chow.

Sehseh: Wah... if I'm Charmaine, I'll be double padlocking my doors and closed all the windows. God knows where those reporters lurks.

On a sidenote, Charmaine look great with tank top and minimal makeup. Love her in the black top :) Hope she enjoy her holiday!

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rachel said...

Yes, those paprazzo are really...... Look at what they did to Gillian Chung.

sehseh, please do not post those photos that are.....We are Charmaine fans and we would not do anything to hurt our idol right?

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