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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

HK Stars protest against paparazzis

Charmaine voices her opinion

Download the clip here. Credits to Bebe from

Added Aug 30th: New clip

Download the clip here. Again, a word of thanks to Bebe.

Among many HK stars; Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Myolie Wu attended the protest yesterday. While expressing her feelings, Myolie was in tears when recalling the tabloid published some exposed pictures of her in swimming suit.

Charmaine hope that the government legislation will take action and also said that citizens also have the responsibility to stop this kind of unhealthy trend. "People are using $10 to buy a magazine full of naked pictures and share them with their family. This kind of thinking is wrong."

Charmaine said that it is shameful to sell this kind of magazines, which can be easily obtained at roadside. We shouldn't use the pictures of people changing clothes as a topic for entertainment news. She asked if any congressman have children or relatives who works as an artiste; and how would they feel if they saw the pictures of their children changing clothes get published? Privacy have to be safeguarded, therefore she hope the government will take action against these unethical conduct.


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Funn Lim said...

I never knew Myolie was capable o a being a drama queen. Swimming suit? Come onnnnn...

But I have an issue with taking pics of stars when they're in their own home or like Charm's case, when she was in a hotel in Singapore or one exclusive papparazzi following a star everywhere like in David Beckham's case.

Anything they do in public I believe is fair game, after all they're in the business where such exposure is inevitable.

I don't think HK will ever be able to implement any stringent privacy laws because look at Hollywood, still same problems even with laws more stringent than HK.It will never happen.

And for the stars who complain about exposure may adopt an attitude like Goerge Clooney; refuse to give interviews. But when a star has no news, that is bad news. It's a double edged sword. They can't live without them, they can't live with them. Ask David Beckham, ask the English Royal family, ask the most famous of stars.

I agree with privacy and indecency laws and banning those tailing of stars like some stalkers. whilst I admit I am guilty of reading such gossips and I really am not interested in reading stars plugging their new movie or series (when they're at their best behaviour and sometimes totally unnatural behaviour), and I am curious about their love lives and their private lives, but sometimes I am not interested in knowing their quarrel with their spouses or how they behave lewdly (like Pink pissing in public, info overload). I'd rather it like Christian Bale type, reclusive, doesn't chase the limelight and once in a while pics of his wife and child floating around the internet is like gold and very enjoyable and interesting pictures and no more than that. I guess that's why he is still mysterious and a very good actor. Very little exposure. It is just a question how much limelight you were chasing before.

I don't think a majority of HK actors are such limelight crazy, most view acting not as a lifestyle but as a job. So I guess they should be given a brake although I am very interested to know my fave stars' love live. After everything is entertainment if done tastefully.I am realy not interested to know what they do in their own home, like cooking,reading and stuff unless it is something illegal and sordid. That is for public interest since stars are public figures, in a narrow kinda way not unlike politician except stars are not elected which is why all these privacy laws will be very challenging to implement or even to enact because quite simply it boils down to

are stars public figures and if yes, then in some ways some exposure of their lives is inevitable.

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