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Sunday, August 06, 2006

《風雲歲月》Fung Wan Shui Yuet newsflash

Left: Chen Kun Right: Chen Bao Guo

Mainland actors, Chen Bao Guo and Chen Kun will be taking part. In addition, Gallen Lo will be joining the cast list as well.

Source: Winter_Stargirl

Chen Kun and Gallen! I'm so excited :)

For more info related to this 60 episode mega series, go here.

Update!!!! Charmaine is confirmed taking part in this series along with Jessica Hsuan and Myolie Wu. She also mentioned that her character will be a strong HK girl.

The storyline revolves around shipping industry (船运行业) and will be filmed in Beijing, Shanghai, Canada and Guang Zhou starting Oct 2006.

p.s. Earlier on, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng has also confirmed to be in Fung Wan Shui Yuet.

According to Apple Daily (Aug 8th, 2006), Damien Lau and Joe Ma will also be casted in this series. Thanks to Kitson for the info.

I've just checked Fung's Label and found out that Ray will have love triangle with Charmaine and Myolie in this series. However, this may be only a temporary arrangement until TVB revise the script.

Image Hosted by Honestly, I was harboring hopes for Charmaine to be paired up with Chen Kun. However, I can understand why TVB arranged such pairings - again. Apart from HK, TVB is targetting for Mainland audiences and Ray and Charmaine are popular there. In addition, Ray-Myolie pairing could also be used to promote [Tai Chi], another series targeted at Mainland audiences as well.

Update Aug 12th, 2006: In an interview with Mediacorp, Jessica mentioned that she will be playing a rich girl who run her family business. Thanks to Rita for notifying me.

Update Aug 30th, 2006: Joe Ma will be playing an honest businessman in this series. He have also indicated that filming will start around Sept 20th, 2006. In addition, Gallen has rejected a role in this series.

Update Sept 1st, 2006: Florence Kwok, Toby Leung and Matthew Ko will be joining the cast.


xy said...

wow.looking forward to this series.charray!

djfrostbite said...

gosh the cast looks too good to be true. amazing!

cherrie said...

lol true! haha the cast list is indeed too good to be true! :D

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