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Friday, August 25, 2006

Charmaine will be singing Maiden's Vow theme and subtheme

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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/08/06]

Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma and Sammul Chan joined a group of 18 TVB artistes in Dongguan for a promotional event for the forthcoming series "Phoenix Quartet" in a 'grand opening' of the "Phoenix Hall" from the series. Afterwards, the cast tested their culinary skills, but when the ladies saw that they had to cook insects, they were screaming and making quite a scene.

In the cooking competition, the cast split into four groups and host Yuen Kit Yee first asked the artistes to put their hands into a sealed box to guess the ingredients. When Akina Hong took the lead to put her gloved hand into a box of maggots, she described them as 'soft' life Sammul. When it was revealed that Charmaine had to put her hand into a box of beetles, she guessed by the audience's reaction that this was not pleasant, so she asked her colleagues for help and she secured a towel to wrap around her glove and protect her arms. However, as soon as she touched the insect, she quickly retracted her hand, dropping the towel in the box. She screamed about how disgusting it was as she covered her mouth in terror. It was left to veteran actress Leung Shun Yin to pick up the beetle and complete the task, ending Charmaine's ordeal. As the other artistes became hysterical over their phobias, a rather amusing scene ensued.

When they finally got down to some cooking, Charmaine and Irene Wang wore oven gloves to cook to avoid being burned and Joe, Sammul and Ben Wong were the judges. However, they refused to try the food and in the end, Charmaine, Sherming Yiu and Akina had to force feed them. In the end, Charmaine won the competition with her "Melodious Harmony" dish.

Although she was happy about the win, when the press asked her to comment on the recent news about Gillian Chung being snapped by the paparazzi whilst getting changed, she said that these reports were a very bad influence on children and a terrible reflection on society, giving people the illusion that stalking people is legal. Asked if she has been more careful about this now,she says that sometimes it is beyond their control because no matter how careful you are, you cannot combat the current technology and the hidden cameras that are used. Each time she gets changed, she is very worried and can just be careful to keep herself as covered up as possible.

As a judge for the competition, Joe was asked about his reputation as "Fa Dan Killer" and he just laughed. Joe explained that the news about him linked with leading ladies is just promotion for the show and not reality. Joe reveals that he has been travelling in France and Spain. As there were no press there following him around, he was able to wear what he wanted without being snapped and he felt very free because he did not have to worry about the Hong Kong press.

When the hotel owner presented Charmaine and Joe with a set of phoenix statues, he said: "The male and female phoenix cannot be separated, so I hope that Joe and Charmaine will be together more." Charmaine quickly added: "This is in the series, we won't be apart on your TV screens." Charmaine will be singing the end theme song for the series and asked why she did not duet with Joe, she says that she has never heard him sing before. Joe says: "I am ok at singing. (Have you not been to karaoke with Charmaine?) I don't sing very much, I just go to drink!"

Translation credit to Em.

Note: Charmaine will be singing both the themesong and ending theme for Phoenix Quartet (now known as Maiden's Vow). In addition, I have also updated on Charmaine's upcoming schedule in New Zealand.

More pics:

Sehseh: Man, I'm so pissed at the reporters! Taking advantage of Charmaine and Sherming when they accidentally exposed themselves. They took some horrible pictures and I absolutely refused to post it up here. So please show some respect by not asking me to post them or posting those distasteful pics at other site.


Funn Lim said...

don;t you think from the photos she seems very at ease with Joe Ma? Unlike when she was with Julian she was very uptight, here she seems way too at ease. Perhaps there may be some truth in the rumours?

rachel said...

Please don't post any pictures that will and can harm Charmaine reputation.

She is now a "Dong Ka Fa Dan" of TVB for year 2006. 5 series of hers this year with a span of 2 months break form each..... Wow! fantastic.....

Funn Lim said...

what horrible pictures? Do describe them. It is usual. remember they tried to take pictures of her down the steps when she was coming down the stairs in short mini skirts?

Were the pictures as big a hoo-haa s the gilliang chung's one?

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