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Monday, August 14, 2006

Charmaine caught at bar with Joe Ma

Joe Ma, who is infamous for being a ladykiller among actresses, has previously been linked to Sonija Kwok and Charmaine Sheh. Joe has been spotted staying overnight at Sonija's place, was caught going to the bar with Charmaine till dawn yesterday. Even though there was some ruckus nearby at the bar, the duo didn't pay any attention but instead hold hands and whispered to each other, looking very intimate.

Joe has yet to explain on his 'visit' to Sonija's home after returning to HK. Instead, he went partying overnight with Charmaine, Derek Kwok and Catherine Chow. At first he sat together with Charmaine, but they later sat separately with their own friends. Later, Charmaine sang karaoke but the rest of them was engrossed with drinking and dice guessing games.

Afterwards, the neighbouring table broke some glasses and some pieces flew towards Joe and Derek. Derek was upset and look as if he's going to lose his temper, making the atmosphere very tense. Joe quickly diffused the situation by smiling and saying "It's alright! It's alright!" The situation cooled down and they resume partying.

Then, Joe walked next to Charmaine and outstretched his hand to her. She held his hand while they continue their conversation in whispers. Joe left at 5.30am by taxi while Charmaine left with Catherine and another male friend around 6.30am. Even though it was already morning, Charmaine showed no signs of fatigue.

Joe and Charmaine has yet to return comment on this news report. However, Derek explained that they went there for a friend's birthday party. In regard of the broken glass incident, he said he didn't lose his temper as he understand that it was unintentional.

Derek also helped explained Joe and Charmaine intimate behaviour by saying that the karaoke was noisy and thus it was difficult to chat without leaning closer. Plus, he also said that if there was something between them, surely they won't do it openly in public places.

Source: Sina. Please credit me if the above translation was reposted.

Additional translation by Em:

[Ta Kung Pao 14/08/06]

Catherine went for a steamboat meal earlier with Charmaine Sheh earlier and then they went to meet Joe Ma at a bar afterwards and she was surprised to be snapped by the press at both sessions. She reveals that her first engagement was chatting and drinking with Charmaine and Wai Ka Hung and the second was a birthday party, where the host had also invited Joe. As for suggestions that Charmaine and Joe were hugging each other to chat, she explained on behalf of her good friend, saying: "It was very noisy there, so you had to get close to be able to hear. I was the same talking to some men, but no-one bothered about me." She says that she and Charmaine are good sisters, but they do not talk about romances.

Sehseh: Why do I see this coming? Sigh... I guess since Phoenix Quartet will be aired later this month, we can sort of treat this as publicity. But still, there's no other single and attractive guy to link with Charmaine meh? Now I'm starting to think all those reports linking her with Benny Chan was not that bad at all.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI read news that Charmaine and Joe was invited to perform at New Zealand's MCI (Miss Chinese International Pageant) later this month and also do some TVBI promotions there. However, it is still unconfirmed but if it does, oh boy won't the tabloid will have a field day reporting this? We might see headlines such as "Joe and Charmaine holiday tryst!" some sort. Uggh.


Funn Lim said...

is joe ma still married to his wife?

sehseh said...

Apparently, yes. He just went back on a trip to visit his family at France. The wife and son moved there somewhere around last year, I think.

There were rumors of separation, but Joe has yet to comment on this.

I don't think there's anything funny going on btwn Joe and Charmaine and I don't want anything to happen either. Especially if he's really divorced - the lady next to him will be blamed though Sonija's risk was higher..

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