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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another《風雲歲月》FWSY newsflash

Some updates on the 60 episodes《風雲歲月》:

- In a recent interview, Joe Ma said that he will be playing as an honest businessman. He also indicated that filming starts Sept 20th, 2006.

- Raymond will be taking main lead role and he will have plenty of scenes speaking Mandarin.

- There are news that Gallen have rejected TVB's offer for a role in FWSY. In addition, Chen Kun is less likely to be casted as he is involved with another movie project.

- Florence Kwok, Matthew Ko and Toby Leung will be joining the cast. Toby will be paired up with Matthew. (updated Sept 1st, 2006).

Now, I know everyone's anxious about the confirmed cast list, me too but TVB have yet to release the official list. So please be patient and we'll know when filming starts (or at least at costume fitting ceremony).

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p.s. As tomorrow is a public holiday (it's National Day for Malaysia), I'll be taking a break and updates will only resume on Friday/Saturday. I'll only be 'missing' for a day or two, so don't miss me too much. Teehee.


djfrostbite said...

Wow Raymond leading in a grand production? That is very cool news, but I just hope Gallen and Chen Kun can stay put...

Anonymous said...

Aaaaawwww How i had longed for a new Gallen series... So sad...

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