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Saturday, August 05, 2006

3D Gold ribbon cutting ceremony

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TVB actresses have always been favorites among advertisers, including Charmaine Sheh. Due to recent re-broadcast of [War & Beauty] in Mainland China, Charmaine popularity has risen as well. The role of Yee Shun has left a deep impression among audiences and Charmaine took the opportunity to increase her popularity in Mainland China.

Charmaine disclosed that she will be filming a 60 epsode series, Fung Wan Shui Yuet《風雲歲月》 for 6 months. Others TVB actors who will be taking part are Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu. The series revolved around shipping industry and filming will take place in Beijing, Shanghai, Canada and Guang Zhou. She will be playing a strong HK girl, but she has yet to receive more news about her character in Fung.

Yesterday, Charmaine attended 3D Gold ribbon cutting ceremony in Beijing. Earlier on, it was reported that she earned HKD1.5 million for her A-Fontane advertisement. To show their sincerity, 3D Gold decked Charmaine in diamonds worth more than HKD1 million.

The reporters mentioned about the relationship rumors surrounding Charmaine, including her alleged involvement with actors such as Benny Chan and Joe Ma. To this, Charmaine clarifies: “I’m very faithful in love. If I ever fell in love with someone, I will stay with him until we grow old. I hope I can have a relationship like that, someone who will still hold my hand when I'm old.”

Charmaine said she is still single, '名花无主'. She sighed that even though she was surrounded by good looking guys, she haven't found a boyfriend because she was occupied with work. Regarding the news of her increased income, Charmaine humorously said that she attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of 3D Gold from the 1st branch till the currently 9th branch. At the 9th branch, her fees was 9th times from what she received for the 1st branch.

On a side note, Apple Daily has reported that [Pearl of Orient] and [Lush Fields Happy Times] will be this year TVB anniversary series.

Source: Sina, Ent QQ, Xinhuanet, Sohu.


Pics credit to Sohu, Sina & Ent QQ.

Sehseh: I'm surprised that TVB decides to air Charmaine series back to back, despite the ratings for her 2006 series were not too optimistic. Plus, I'm so happy that Charmaine will be working on Fung Wan Shui Yuet, along with Jessica, Gallen, Chen Kun and Raymond!

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Funn Lim said...

I find her blue dress very strange. Like one layer stitched on top of another near the chest part so as to prevent "bao gong" and yet seems like the original dress and maybe just the fashion. I am sorry to say she seriously needs a fashion consultant, hair consultant and make up consultant FAST. PRONTO! CEPAT!

Recently I saw in the papers her Terimee ads. A pity they're in black and white because she looks elegant in them. For once at least Terimee is presenting the elegant part of Charmaine instead of the trashy one which I can still see hanging on their front office, huge poster but I must admit, looking at how thin she is I was very tempted to walk into the office and say "let me have her figure". She looks like she gained a bit of weight which is very very welcomed by me. The bigger she is the younger she looks.

But she still needs a fashion consultant!


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