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Friday, July 07, 2006

Major Contruction in Progress

No, you didn't mistakenly enter the wrong site.

I doing major revamp of this site at the moment and I confess I'm terrible when I come to html coding. (Right now I'm still trying to figure out why the hell does the font size of this post is larger then the previous posts. ~Pull hairs~)

I'll still post some update but please do not be shocked if there's error on this site - maybe I need to get those "HTML Coding for Dummies" book...


sehseh said...

Testing the comment box.

Testing, testing 123.

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh I had the shock of my life with your revamped site!! So white! Nice though. If you can't figure out the font thing, let me try.

Without looking at your codes, I think maybe when you post using Blogger in that font size panel did you accidentally chose any font size other than normal?

And may I make a suggestion? All those links to other website, right now when Iclick that website does not open in a new window. Try putting target="_blank" after you link the website ie

a href="" target="_blank"

And ermm that charmaine picture on top too big lar to the point very scary.

sehseh said...

Pointers taken for the Charmaine banner. I'll resize it later.

About the external links, it's working. Perhaps you should inform me which one is not working.

I tried changing the fonts to 0.7em but my older post font size shrank as well. That is why I'm so frustrated!

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