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Saturday, July 08, 2006

[Magicians of Love] OST

Lately, I've been following [Magicians of Love] or 愛情魔髮師; a taiwanese idol drama. I don't know why I watch it, because the storyline and acting is so cheesy. Nah, actually it's the 2 male lead, Ming Dao and Shao Wei who kept me watching. Quite cute actors, especially the former and I do see some potential in him as an actor.

Magicians of Love ending themevideo

Ming Dao is quite cute ;)

I'm quite addicted to the ending theme; A Date So Sweet (甜蜜约定). Hehe, finally found a full version. Quite cute video, huh?

A Date So Sweet MV

183 Club

Most of the tracks in MOL was sung by 183 Club (four of their members is in this series). This is a Taiwanese idol boyband, so don't expect too much from their singing. However, I do find their song easy listening.

I've uploaded the OST here:
Magicians of Love OST
(You can also refer to the downloads section at the left side of my site)

Magic Room MV

183 Club

Recommended tracks:
Track 13. 甜蜜约定 A Date so sweet
Track 9. 2 Sweet (Duet version of 甜蜜约定, my fav)
Track 2. Magic Room (catchy beat)

1 comment:

alicechen said...

haha sehseh! The storyline is quite cheesy alright...but the 2 leading actors do have potential! Ming Dao is absolutely cute and adorable! Along with Shao Wei its a WOW WOW!

I highly recommend you to watch Prince turns to Frog. Lots of sweet moments that can melt your heart! Plus, Ming Dao's 2 characters will make you love LOVE and LOVE him more!

And the OST of Prince turns to Frog is much better than MOL. Esp the main theme and ending theme...They also have some funny instrumentals as well.

I finished it yesterday.....very cute ending.....heehhee :P

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