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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Innocent Witch

Sorry guys, I know I haven't updated the site for a few days. Been on hiatus since Friday. Hmm... where have I been? Let's see...

Well, last Thursday was the annual Jusco Member Sales. This year, I purposely took half day leave to satisfy my shopping craze ;) Like last year, my biggest bargain always come in form of VCD boxset. This year, I finally manage to buy Majo No Jouken (The Innocent Witch) at 50% off! Been wanting to buy the boxset for years.

Download clip here

The theme song: First Love by Hikaru Utada.

Way before the Hallyu Wave, Japanese series or J-Dorama was a huge hit, especially in Asia region. Those were the day before we knew Jang Dong Gun (All about Eve), Bae Yong Jun (Winter Sonata), or even Lee Young Ae (Jewel in the Palace). All we knew (and care about) is Takuya, Hideaki, Nanako, Sorimachi, Fukada etc. :P

[Majo No Jouken] is NOT the usual series we see. In fact, most people I've met disliked this series, mostly due to the series storyline of a female teacher falling in love with her 17 years old student. I, on the other hand, love this series to bits and some scenes were the most memorable part that I still remember to date (this series was in1999, if anyone's curious). The themesong; First Love was also a hit back then and you could hear it almost everywhere you go.

In your final kiss
I could taste the flavor of tobacco
It was a bitter and painful smell

At about this time tomorrow
I wonder where you'll be
I wonder who you'll be thinking of

You are always gonna be my love
Even if someday, you fall in love with someone else
I'll remember to love
You taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
For now, it's still a sad love song
Until I can sing a new one

The time which has stopped
Is about to start again
It's just that there are things I don't want to forget

At about this time tomorrow
I'm sure I'll be crying
And I'll probably be thinking of you
You will always be inside my heart
Because it's a place that will forever be yours alone
I hope that I have a place in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one
For now, it's still a sad love song
Until I can sing a new one

You are always gonna be my love
Even if someday, you fall in love with someone else
I'll remember to love
You taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
It's still a sad love song
Now and forever

However, I do admit that some scene were quite daring (or outrageous, depending how you see it). Therefore, not too suitable for high school kids. For example, the scene where Michi grabbed Hikaru's hand and they eloped in front of the whole school and Hikaru's mother.

Of course, that is not the most shocking part, but I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't watch this series. You can read all the 11 episode summaries here.

Spoilers: The Ending

Download the clip here

The ambiguous ending was one of the most memorable ending for me. As the credit rolls, I felt a bittersweet sensation. It was sad to realize that Michi never woke up, as it was just Hikaru's dream of her waking up and they could be together, free at last. Note that their ankles were not bound by chains anymore.

Left: The opening sequence. Right: The ending sequence.

This series made me a fan of Taki and I've been following his series ever since. If anyone would like me to feature his other series, please do tell me - but I'll need time to prepare for clips etc though.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the MV I've found in youtube:

Sorry for the dark background.

p.s. I'll update about The Conquest clips and also the Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVfXQ) concert tomorrow.


duku said...

i love this serial too! watched it twice I think. great choice!

Anonymous said...

i bought this series 6 years ago, the 1st & only jap that i've got! luv it so much! ..est

jasmine_sg said...

heez, i also have this drama serial. =)

rui said...

i just watch it a few days was simply marvellous.yes,have to admit that the ending is bittersweet.though wish you could help me clarify why was michi in coma?my subs were in chinese and didnt manage to get what cause her to fall into coma.dont you think it is very unfair of the society to shun them.?i mean,if it was the other way round,the guys is 26 and the girl 17,society accepts that.and to think we are already in the 21st century.anyway,would like to know more of the series that hideaki had to part in.hope to hear a reply from you soon.

sehseh said...

Michi was in coma because she lost too much blood during her miscarriage. ]

The society shuns them not because of age factor. It's mainly because she's is his high school teacher. Imagine this - how would you feel if your 17 year old son runs off with his 26 years old teacher? Or your daughter in college runs of with her middle age college lecturer? We must admit, it is very hard to swallow for the parents and the society.

I won't mind the age factor, but if i'm completely honest, i would have preferred them to be not related work wise.

Hideaki was in plenty of series - you can get info here:

p.s. My other favs: SOS, Taiyou no Kisetsu (Season of Sun)

ex_teacher said...

Hi Sehseh,

I got a VCD copy of Majo no Jouken way back... and since it is pretty old (and overused should I say...) I wanted to get a better copy... DVD preferably.

Well I am located in the Philippines, is there any website that you know where I could purchase or order one?

Thank you so much!

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