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Sunday, June 04, 2006

TVB Hunks

To view the flash in full size, click here.

Left pic: Ron, Kevin & Raymond.
Right pic: That pic of Ray drive me crazy ;)

I'm indeed very grateful to AliceChen and Asia, who brought my attention to the hunky pics above. The trio must have posed for the picturial during their promotional trip to Thailand a while back. The website of the magazine can be reached here.

Some of Ron pics doesn't click well with me, I think his expression looked a little effeminate (sorry Ron fans!). The pics where he posed with the jacket half open is nice, though. As usual, Kevin is picture perfect - he look great in that bomber jacket. Man, Raymond is hot is that sunglasses pose! Cool, yet so sexy...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg!! thanks for re-posting the pictures sehseh! I couldn't stop myself from drooling. @_@ Kevin is picture perfect! Ray does look HOT with his sunglasses. And as for Ron (i'm not a Ron hater) but i must say... his poses does look very effeminate.

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