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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rain - Free Way MV

Rain newest Japanese single MV

Annie has requested Rain's newest Japanese single; Free Way and I tried to search for the mp3, but no avail. To compensate for the disappointment, here's his MV.

Get ready to be wow-ed by Rain's dancing! Bi's too hot to handle! :)

Plus, here's a news that might interest Full House fans:

Rain and Song Hye Kyo become neighbours

Rain and Song Hye Kyo are leading actor and actress of KBS summer hit in 2004, "Full House". Through a recent bid, Rain has successfully acquired a bungalow located in a high-class residence area that is located in Seoul, Samseongdong, near Gyeonggi High School. This effectively makes the two neighbours because Song Hye Gyo's residence is located just 100m away from Rain's new place.

A neighbour living in Samseongdong, near Song Hye Kyo said on the 18th, "Somebody was moving in yesterday (17th). Upon asking, I got to know that the new owner of the house, Rain, will be moving in." She also said, "Superstar Song Hye Kyo also lives nearby, so now that even Rain is living in Samseongdong, this is really great!"

Rain and Song Hye Kyo plays an interesting couple in "Full House", a hugely popular serial drama in Korea and the Chinese-populated regions. Rain has become a huge Hallyu star because of this, hence the news of two becoming neighbours has attracted great interest.

On the 16th, Rain successfully bidded for the house which was formerly occupied by comedian actor Seo Se-won and his wife Seo Jung-hui with $3,107,004,000 won. In 2002, the Seos bought the house taking up a total area of 157ping (5652 sq ft), building measuring 97ping (3492 sq ft). There after, the place was rented to celeb couple Lee Jae-yong and Yu Ho-jung in 2003. They paid a guarantee deposit of 800 million won. In 2004, the rights to the house was transferred to someone else. However, when Lee Jae-yong and Yu Ho-jung wanted to move out and claim back the deposit, they had an argument with the homeowner. Hence, this house was up for bidding since last year September.

Credit: bithwithrain// wloi@ soompi

Sehseh: Ah... too good to be true. They're such a cute couple in Full House, but I doubt there's any chance between them. Rain is too busy for love while SHK prefer mature men.

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