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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[Pearl of Orient] Paul Chun & Charmaine Sheh

TVB Mag Issue 471, credits to Bebe from

Brief translation:

Roger Kwok get defaced

Ling Fung (Roger Kwok) was a popular singer at 'Pearl of Orient' nightclub and a good friend of Chu Yuk Lan (Charmaine). Yuk Lan and her father Chu Dai Gut (Paul Chun) were on their way back from the market when they noticed a group of people surrounding Ling Fung's posters. Curious, they went forward and found out that his fans are defacing his posters. It turns out that his fans were upset with his rumors with another female singer.

Paul Chun working with two different generation

Paul, an experienced actor has only praises for his 'daughter' Charmaine in PO. Paul: "I feel that Charmaine is getting better everytime, and she has improved a lot. Comparing to our previous collaboration in [Country Spirit], she is now more natural and mature. I feel that she has more flair nowadays. "

Paul also get to work with Liza Wang and Susanna Kwan in PO. Paul said it's quite surprising: "Susanna has not film series for over 10 years, therefore I was worried of her performance. It's like a few years back when I worked with Liza on ATE. However, it seems that her acting has improved a lot. "

Lai Lok Yi composing songs

Yuk Lan was able to become a singer at 'Pearl of Orient' nightclub due to Ling Fung's help. To thank him, Yuk Lan wished to compose a song and so she seek assistance from another composer-singer friend; Hui Weng Hong (Lai Lok Yi). In the series, Lai Lok Yi always has a guitar with him. However, he doesn't know how to play a guitar in real life! Some filming crew taught him how to move his fingers convincingly. "I really want to learn how to play guitar, but couldn't find the time. But I really like music, so I went to singing classes. I hope one day I will be good enough to release an album."


Poor Tina... the reporters are so ignorant. She's Charmaine manager lah... (also Myolie and Bosco's). I hope she won't be too upset reading this insulting article.

Anyway, it seems that Charmaine is currently on a filming break. So far no news yet for any upcoming series, but at least she looked pretty and refreshed in the pics above (ah... retail therapy!).

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