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Friday, June 30, 2006

More [The Conquest] clips

Xi Shi agrees to be Fu Chai's concubine

Download here

Xi Shi agrees to sacrifice herself for Fan Li and Yue kingdom's sake.

Crown Prince You

Download here

A brief clip of the cute Crown Prince You. He reminded me of Daniel Wu (before his major weight loss) at certain angle, especially his eyes.

Xi Shi Dancing ver. 1

Download here

Okay, dancing still as stiff as in PITNOL. But I'm looking over that because my focus was on Chen Kun. His gaze were so sad and forlorn, makes me want to hug him.

Xi Shi Dancing ver. 2

Download here

Another clip of Fan Li watching Xi Shi dance. My favorite clip to date, solely because of Chen Kun.

Fan Li pledge of love

Download here

Fan Li and Xi Shi are unofficially married.

Zheng Dan

Download here

I really don't pity both Zheng Dan and Mei Ci (Fu Chai's queen). The former is so irritating while the latter is a cold heart b***h. Makes me wonder how come Prince You is so gentle and naive when he has such cruel parents. They should have picked someone prettier as Zheng Dan. Zheng Dan may not be as lovely as Xi Shi, but she is suppose to be the 2nd most beautiful Yue maiden after Xi Shi.

Note: For the downloaded clips, tune in to your left speaker for Cantonese or right for Mandarin dubbing.

I have also updated the previous Conquest clips by adding the full version of the themesong 《争霸》 and the ending theme 《真永远》along with the ending MV as well.


alicechen said...

I love Sonija's hairstyle in here, made her looks surprisingly young and pretty.

OFF-TOPIC--- hahah Sehseh i finally get to watch My lovely Sam Soon to esp 10 right now. And I must say, its quite hilarious. 2 women, 2 men, 2 sisters, and 2 old widows fighting! Those scenes were crazy! haha

The actress who played Sam Soon is sorry to say this "unattractive" but she looks pretty when she smiles....ahh....she gained weights for her role eh?

And the jerk! Ahh hes one cute jerk but i cant believe that theres a man like him! Cant wait to see the ending. 6 more to go...

PS: By the way sehseh, do you happened to kno what Sam soon means?

Anonymous said...

Hello I just wanted to know where did u get the cantonese verison of this series...i noticed its half mando and half cantonese i dun mind but where u download the series can u tell me asap...thx u...or msg me at

sehseh said...

Hi Alice, glad you like Sam Soon.

Basically, it's just a very old fashioned name.

Sam = Third (she's the third daughter)
Soon = Girl/Daughter

Basically, her name means 'the 3rd daughter of farmer/rice miller'

She called Jin Hyun as Sam Shik. Shik means boy/son.

Anonymous, the series is in dual language.

Anonymous said...

Where did u download this series in dual language

sehseh said...

I don't download. I rent.

Funn Lim said...

The more I watch these clips the more I feel she is so wrong for this role. No, pretty yes but acting is beyond stiff. Only her dancing can top her acting in terms of how bad. What a great pity, a good role wasted.

sehseh said...

I understand how you feel Funn. But really, TVB doesn't have drop dead gorgeous actress that can portray Xi Shi.

sehseh said...

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