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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hunky Aliens Part II

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Put Your Hands Up (無線2006世界盃主題曲)

Credits to Fung_Cato and Raymond Forest.

Download the MV here.
To download the MP3 only, go here.

Lyrics credit to Fung's Label:

Ray:又到世界盃 球場風采再次
又到世界盃 又再穿起球衣

Kevin:又到世界盃 球迷紛紛爭議

Ron:又到世界盃 球員激起鬥志
又到世界盃 喝采欣賞球姿

Bosco:又到世界盃 球員一心一意

Together: Put your hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up
For the World Cup
World Cup World Cup

Plus: Jayne has translated the newest TVB Magazine which features four of them above. Please go here to have a read.

2nd Trailer feat Andy Lau

Download here. Again, credits to Fung_Cato & Raymond Forest.

First trailer featuring the four hunky aliens can be found here.

In addition, I have added Ray and Ron award acceptance clip in the 2nd Top Chinese TVDrama Award where they won Most Potential Newcomer Award. They can be viewed here. Just scroll down to the bottom.

I've uploaded the DOP ending for Chun Fen (Charmaine), Ming Fung (Gigi) and Jiu Yuk (Ada). I will post them tomorrow when I finish writing the ending recaps. Do look forward to them!

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