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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DOP Finale

Last night, TVB held a two episode finale for Dance of Passion. Main cast member like Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Kenny Wong, Maggie Shiu and Vinci Wong. More news and pics will be updated, so stay tuned!

From left: Maggie, Ada, Charmaine & Gigi.

Gigi expressed her satisfaction of the ending, she praised her character Ming Fung as a sacrificing character, making her so touched that she almost cried out. Ada feel that every female character in this series were tragic. In the past, a woman must have a son or else they're useless, very pitiful. As for Charmaine, she admit that although her character Chun Fen was tragic, but her perseverance was admirable.






Funn Lim said...

Sehseh I must say, she looks fantastic. I like her best when she wears little make up, doesn't try to wear silly dress and just be natural. Very pretty. But she seems to favour tying her hair up whilst I like her hair down better.

Anyway have you seen the ending? As tragic as War & Beauty or TVB is out to show to the world how to cause havoc and tragedy in a woman's life by possibly killing off every female character in this series?

sehseh said...

Yes, I just watched the ending in full last nite. Give me some time and I'll write a recap for the ending, probably tomorrow.

The ending is no less tragic than WAB but of course... some character have better ending. But overall, nicely tied up like WAB's ending. The crew and castreally put a lot of effort into this one.

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