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Sunday, June 04, 2006

DOP: Fearsome Women

Note: Spoiler Free

Download the clip here.

For many years, people will say that
The most pitiful people on earth is women.
But let me tell you;
We are at the same time most fearsome people on earth.
I'm saying this not because we are born with such characteristics.
However, for the people around us
We have no choice but to do so.
At that faraway era,
They were everything to us
They were our career and success.
Therefore, for our men
We doesn't mind at all
How fearsome or foolish we become.

Sehseh: Sad isn't it? Women who lost their own characteristics, even their conscience for the man they love. Anyway, if anyone can come up with a more fitting translation, please do so in the comment sections. :)

Below is some scans by Bebe. The first one is a poster of Charmaine while the second one is Afortane wishing Charmaine a Happy Birthday.

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