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Sunday, June 18, 2006

[Dance of Passion] Ending


1939- A familiar figure traveled across the desert. He was Tung Shing, who joined the army after leaving Yim Ka Pou six years ago. Though the landscape haven't change, the people he knew were gone. He came across Ka Ka Zai (Chun Fen's old village) and to his surprise, someone is living there. He ran into Man Tin, who has now became a simple shepherd.

From Man Tin, he found out that Man Hei has become blind after the bandit attack and they have lived here since. Tung Shing have a chat with Man Hei and Man Hei asked him why he let them go 6 years ago. Tung Shing said he can't remember. Man Hei told Tung Shing that Jiu Yuk has been taking care of him and he felt guilty because he is secretly missing Ming Fung in his heart. Tung Shing was shocked when he saw 'Jiu Yuk' walking in. He then told Man Hei:

"You're deaf. You're blind. But you are not mute."

Ming Fung was grateful to Tung Shing for not exposing her secret. She told Tung Shing the reason she pretended to be Jiu Yuk was because Man Hei could not lived on if he knew Jiu Yuk died.

Six years ago, when the bandit Kiew Lou Yee (Mark Kwok) captured and blinded Man Hei, he forced him to choose a woman to die for him. Man Hei, been deaf and now blind, did not realize that Ming Fung was there as well. Ming Fung was willing to die for him and quickly outstretch her hands.

As Man Hei walked towards Ming Fung, Jiu Yuk removed her hairpin and her long hair touched Man Hei. Man Hei changed his direction....

"Why do you have to fight with me, even the chance of dying for Man Hei?"

Jiu Yuk: "I'm sorry, I don't have the strength to take care of anyone..."

Man Hei touched Jiu Yuk face and he fainted. Kiew Lou Yee then shot Jiu Yuk. When Man Hei woke up, he thought the person by his side is Jiu Yuk...

Download Jiu Yuk's ending

Back at Ka Ka Zai, Man Hei told 'Jiu Yuk' that he is very grateful to her and he feel sorry not being able to give her a formal title. He told her that he want to leave Ka Ka Zai and search for Ming Fung, because for 6 years, he has been missing her deeply. He could not love Jiu Yuk because Ming Fung has always been in his heart. Ming Fung was touched by Man Hei's confession and hugged Man Hei, telling that she is Ming Fung, not Jiu Yuk.

"It's me! It's me! Man Hei, I am Ming Fung!"

When Man Hei touched Ming Fung tearful face, he finally realized his love has always by his side...

Download Ming Fung's ending

Tung Shing continue on his journey up Yim Ka Pou. To his surprise, Uncle Mao was taking care of a little girl name Siu Cheuk. Uncle Mao told Tung Shing that Chun Fen lived on because she wanted to give birth to Siu Cheuk and that she want to prove to Tung Shing that she didn't lie, that she could fight her fate. However, two years ago the Japanese army invaded their village and Chun Fen has gone missing since.

"Perhaps Chun Fen is the strongest person in Yim Ka Pou. She chose the path that you and I don't have the courage to do so..."

Tung Shing regret not cherishing Chun Fen and promised Siu Cheuk that he will find her mother back.

2006 - Yim Ka Pou has turned into a popular tourist spot. An old lady got down from the tourist bus...

She walked through the village and the past came alive through her eyes. She saw the perfect Yim Ka Pou, where everyone was happy and content.

She was greeted with smiles from her family, her best friend...

The old lady reached the top of Yim Ka Pou. She took out a bag with 'Sung Tung Shing' on it and scattered the ashes. From a distant past, Tung Shing looked up...

He has found his beloved Chun Fen, smiling at him on top of Yim Ka Pou. He ran towards her, and never to be separated again...

Download Chun Fen's ending


That is the ending of DOP. It was beautifully made and made me forget about the boring parts of this series. Do you know the scene where the old lady walked through the door into the field of spinning top was a one take shot? That mean, in less 15 seconds, the cast and crew ran out and set up the spinning top, cheering and all! I was surprised when the cast chat about this in the finale special show. Wow!


MC3 said...

i have to agree... the ending is beautiful... i cry every time i watch it... my mom didnt really understand the last last part... which made me mad... oh wells... atleast i enjoyed it... great post!!!

Funn Lim said...

Now THAT is a good and different type of ending. The ending for Ada was so sad and worse still, he never really loved her! Ermm why did Bowie go touch Ada if he knew the person he touched will die? Because he knew Ada was Ada?

So in the end Moses never did found Charm in 1939? Or that Charm found him since she had his ashes right? And that when he died she took his ashes and spread them on that place?

Very confused about this part.

Funn Lim said...

Or is that old woman the little girl? Because if she was Charm she would be very very very old.

sehseh said...

Bowie doesn't know that person he touched had to die. He was deaf and I think the bandit made a mistake of blinding him before telling him the 'rules'. No wonder Mark Kwok look do frustrated, must be thinking:

"Damn! Forgot he's deaf so how's I torture him by making him choose? He doesn't know he have to choose in 1st place!"

Bowie doesn't know that Ada's going to die. He just want to reach out to her. Plus he's already blind when Gigi arrived.

As for Moses, he found Charmaine but the year is not too clear. I think Charmaine memory is just a beautiful version of their reunion. They confirmed that Moses did found Charmaine in the end.

Hey Funn, Astro haven't show this series yet. Not afraid of spoilers meh?

sehseh said...

That old lady is Charmaine. She should be around 93-95 years old.

Not all elderly people are weak and helpless lah...

Funn Lim said...

Who cares abt spoilers! Must know now!! Moreover I read everything in your website so what to do? Maybe you make your font black?

Anyway now I am really confused. I guess that reunion scene is a flashback on when he found her or was it in the mind of the old lady? Because that old lady not dead yet.

I would prefer an alt ending, nevertheless a happy one. That the old lady is the young girl (I assume she is their daughter? or maybe they should have their own child) who travelled back to that place and her age would tally since she should be in her 70s. Then she spread the ashes of her parents onto that land and reuniting them with a past that their parents remembered, a good one where everybody is happy.

THen that would make sense why the old lady saw what she saw.

Anyway Ada's ending was so sad.

Funn Lim said...

Sehshe, I have trouble downloading the clip abt charm. Twice I tried and twice also the clip cut off at abt 2 min into the scene. Could you pls upload it again?

sehseh said...

Savefile must be having some problem, especially if the clip is located at fs7 (stupid server).

Try again later or try this, but it's in Mandarin version though.

Confessions of ShopaholicS said...

THE ENDING WAS DEFINITELY VERY ARTISTIC. It rounded up everything quite well. The death of Jiu Yuk was shocking, and I was suprised that Chun Fun wanted to die!

Cant believe Chun Fun lived with Yim Man Hei for 6 years...that's just nuts ( She's nuts! hahahah) wasting all that time. I mean ok ok..I guess she wanted to hear from him which woman he loved the most but omg...6 yearsssssssss !!

Well...Chun Fun was smart in a way..she changed her own destiny. All her life she had been told that she's bad luck. Interesting how she actually "disappeared" and left her daughter. I mean I guess she didnt wana be around her daughter in case anything bad happened to her rite? But those years of her disappearance is a mystery..and I guess its not important where she went/what she did (coz that would make DOP longer hahaha). Yet the reunion of her and Dong Sing was very smartly made. Really enjoyed that part because as she throws out his ashes in the air she remembers how they reunite. One thing for sure tho...SHE wouldnt have been wearing SUCH outfit during the late 1930's coz (1) she'd be poor (2) already lost her status as 2nd wife. Too well dresed I rekon-but then its from a memory of an OLD OLD Chun Fun! I will let it pass ! HAhahahaha....

Confessions of ShopaholicS said...

Opppsssssssssssss...I typed the wrong name! hahaha..

I meant I cant believe MING FUNG wanted to die. And Cant believe Ming Fung lived with Yim Man Hei for 6 years. etc etc

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