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Sunday, June 11, 2006

DOP Downloads Again + Pearl of Orient pics

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

1. Chun Fen & Tung Shing ending - MAJOR SPOILERS
Download here. Please download at your own risk of spoiling the ending.

2. Chun Fen saying goodbye to Ming Fung.

3. Tung Yeung overjoyed with 'good news' from Chun Fen.

4. Long Yuet crying in regret.

5. Long Yuet's suicide.

6. What is revenge?.

7. Chun Fen & Tung Shing's shadow.

8. Newer ripped version of subtheme: Fireworks.

Note: Left speaker for Cantonese and right for Mandarin.

Pearl of Orient pics:

Charmaine celebrating her birthday with PO cast. She's so pretty in the pic :)

Images credit to

I have also added two new clips for Top Chinese TVDrama. Scroll down and you'll see them :)

1 comment:

Helen said...


Chun fung's ending is so touching. As she was stolling the place and "seeing" all her friends and loved ones, I just couldn't help crying. So, does that mean she was united with Moses since she has his ashes?

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