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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Conquest

Formerly known as [Warlords]. Honestly, I prefer the previous title...

Download the themesong 争霸
Chen Kun sings the themesong and ending theme.



笑我疯癫 笑我痴狂
对酒当歌 剑指四方
生 要做英雄
死 亦为传奇
大风起兮 梦飞扬

有位佳人 在水一方
有句誓言 永不能忘

笑我疯癫 笑我痴狂
对酒当歌 剑指四方
生 要做英雄
死 亦为传奇
大风起兮 梦飞扬

Main characters of [The Conquest]

Image Hosted by Chen Kun as Fan Li
Image Hosted by Sonija Kwok as Xi Shi
Image Hosted by Joe Ma as King Fu Chai of Wu
Image Hosted by Damien Lau as King Gou Jian of Yue
Image Hosted by Power Chan as Wen Zhong
Image Hosted by Yan Qin as Zheng Dan
Xian Se Li as Teng Jue, Princess of Yue
Feng Wei as Crown Prince You of Wu
Jian Nei as Mei Si, Queen of Fu Chai
Lin Hai Hai as He Yi, Queen of Gou Jian
Fan Zhi Qi as Wu Zixu
Fu Xing Yin as Princess of Chen

*Added* [The Conquest] official site at Sina.

Joe Ma and Sonija Kwok doesn't top my favorite actor/actress list, but I watched this series for Chen Kun and Damien Lau. I was wondering how to persuade my sister to rent this series and to my surprise, she asked me first about this series last night. Haha...I guess she was more curious about the legend of Xi Shi and King of Yue's revenge.

I must say, the first two episodes of [The Conquest] impressed me. I'm speaking about the battle scenes and the royal palaces. Thanks to TVB-CCTV (mainland TV station) collaboration, we can see such realistic battle scene and the inner palace is so grand, not like the usual puny ke le feh (extras) and shabby studio props in other TVB produced series.

There's something I must complain though. Chen Kun was a perfect fit for the handsome Fan Li, but the makeup department made him look too dark. Sonija look a bit mature and tired, can't the makeup artist do something to make her look younger? Talking about looking mature, Joe Ma fans will be shocked. I can't comment much about the costume because the fashion back then were quite primitive. But acting wise, Chen Kun, Power Chan and Damien did a great job as expected. Joe Ma has improved visibly, and Sonija only made a short appearance so I can't comment on her acting yet.

Judging from the first two episode, I'd say this series is a winner, especially if you like ancient war series. Plus, it have some cool sword fighting scenes.

Some pics, courtesy of Sina and TVB Square: (Warning, possible spoilers)


Funn Lim said...

Sonija Kwok looks frighteningly old and I guess she must be great in this series as I always imagined xishi as seductive but cold, wooden, no acting required except to look spiritually and emotionally dead. After all she never loved that king.
I read the link you put in this post and I am a bit surprised at how dramatic her story is because the ver I know is less intrusive. You see xishi fell for what's his name? Fan Li? Anyway that minister who brought her to be the concubine of that despondent king. For a decade I think she did her job but they both harboured feelings for one another until one day she managed to finish her job,topple an empire and interestingly she and that minister ran off into the sunset and lived happily every after. I can't imagine xishi as directing someone to do something, more so involve herself in politics.

Anyway i repeat sonija kwok is totally wrong for this role.In her younger days Xiaoqiang would be perfect for this role.

sehseh said...

Yes, I want to make some screencaps of Sonija last night and to my horror, couldn't find one good picture of her, except for the silk washing scene by the river.

Sonija is certainly beautiful, but she looked really haggard in here. I'm sorry if I hurt some fans feelings. I noticed from AOM that Sonija seems to have dry skin. However, she looks fine to me in real person. Perhaps her skin is sensitive to the harsh lighting?

Right now my heart is already crying for Fu Chai and Wen Zhong. Tragic characters. One died for his stupidity for love, while the other died for his intelligence.

Funn Lim said...

by the way the show is in cantonese or mandarin or everybody is dubbed into mandarin or cantonese?

sehseh said...

Dual language.

Cantonese side, you'll hear the mainland cast dubbed and vice versa for Mandarin version.

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