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Thursday, June 29, 2006

[The Conquest] clips

Note: For Cantonese, turn to left speaker and right for Mandarin dubbing.
Ending themevideo

Download here



风 慢慢把云吹远
云 慢慢化做一片片

青春都一晌 易老的红颜

风雨过了 又见长天

江山易改 繁华如梦

Download: Full version of the ending theme 真永远. The ending theme was also sang by Chen Kun. I'm so in love with this song, the opening was soft and the chorus was so inspiring. Basically, the lyrics is about the life of Fan Li.

Those who want the themesong, go to:

Fan Li meet Xi Shi

Download here

While travelling to Yue Kingdom countryside, Fan Li met the loveliest maiden he ever saw: Xi Shi. The scene also refer to the legend that Xi Shi was so beautiful that even fishes forgot to swim and sank when seeing her reflection on the water.

Fu Chai meet Xi Shi

Download here

Fu Chai met Xi Shi for the first time and he was enchanted with her. Here, the story changes a little from history but I can still accept it. Sonija is really pretty in here than the scene above. I reckon that she doesn't look so well in episode 1-2 but she's glowing starting from episode 4.

Dong Shi imitates a frown

Download here

A reference to the popular Chinese idiom saying that "Dong Shi imitates a frown".

Fan Li fishing with Xi Shi

Download here

Fan Li and Xi Shi went dating. When Fan Li teased Xi Shi about her beautiful face causing him not being able to catch any fish, she answered to his challenge and covered her face! Very cute.

Other notable clips:

Yue ministers crying over Crown Prince's death. Power Chan really rocks here! He cried and wail like there's no tomorrow. Another highlight of this story is a referral to the legendary Sword of Gou Jian. Till this day, the sharpness of the blade still remain a mystery.

Fan Li cleaning Xi Shi's face. Chen Kun is so handsome and so gentle with Sonija. Just a sweet scene.

Fan Li bidding Xi Shi farewell. Sonija looks really pretty in here. I prefer the mandarin dubbing, because the voice is more feminine and soft while Sonija cantonese speech tend to be a little modern for my taste.

Fan Li and Xi Shi names or (Scroll down to previous post)

Themevideo or (Scroll down to previous post)

I can't wait to get my hands on episode 7-8 tonight. This is really a good series, I highly recommend it. If anyone is interested, feel free to comment on this series or join the discussion in spcnet forum. I'll be waiting for you ;)


Funn Lim said...

How old was the real Fan Li? I always had this impression that he's more mature, older since he is a minister. Couldn't be that young and his hair so carefree.

As for Sonija, she is much too old for this role, and too thin. So old she just lost that sweet innocence type of beauty. Pretty yes, drop dead pretty until the fishes forgot to swim? Nope. And her acting is still awful. She should play a cold character because I find her extremely cold.So Joe Ma is back to lusty emperor type of role?

sehseh said...

There's no accurate record of his age but the articles I found seems to suggest that he was quite young when he became a minister.

As a youth, he was already famed for his intelligence - but he like to wander around. Wen Zhong get to befriend him and introduce him to Gou Jian, who took immediate liking to this intelligent young man. The rest, is history.

I believe he was just in his late 20 or early 30 when he met Xi Shi.

sehseh said...

To San:


Yes, Fan Li and Xi Shi end up together in this series. They left Yue kingdom and went recluse.

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