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Friday, June 02, 2006

Chun Fen: The Point of No Return

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dance of Passion, episode 23-24. Below is a recap of the doomed couple:

Chun Fen (Charmaine) accidentally fell into a well and Tung Shing (Moses) was pushed in by Kwok Kei's mum while attempting to rescue Chun Fen. They shared a lengthy conversation, where Tung Shing apologized to her for choosing revenge over love. Chun Fen doesn't blame him and told him instead that she's grateful for Heaven, for at least Tung Shing is by her side before dying. All it take was a passionate kiss in the well... and something more.

Download the kissing scene here.

The couple thought they were going to die in the well, until Uncle Mao rescued them. When Uncle Mao suggested that they should elope, Chun Fen suddenly said she wish to return to Yim Ka Pou. Tung Shing was speechless. Meanwhile at Sung family, Tung Yeung (Kenny) was upset to know that Chun Fen has been missing and that Long Yuet (Maggie) disallowed anyone to look for her. Tung Yeung told Chun Fen that no matter what she think of him or this family, he already consider her as his wife and asked her to give him a second chance. Chun Fen was too ashamed and guilty to say anything to Tung Yeung, who was oblivious of the well incident.

1. Rescued from the well.

2. Chun Fen goes back to Yim Ka Pou.

3. Tung Yeung asked for a 2nd chance.

Ming Fung (Gigi) came to visit Chun Fen, who has been crying since her return to Yim Ka Pou. Ming Fung was even more shocked to know that Chun Fen slept with Tung Shing in the well. Chun Fen tearfully asked for Ming Fung's advise, as she's ashamed of being an unfaithful woman. Ming Fung; on the other hand, plan to use this secret against Jiu Yuk (Ada) and Tung Shing.

Clips: Tung Shing promised to leave with Chun Fen.

After she knew that Ming Fung has used underhanded method against Tung Shing, Chun Fen went to confront her. Previously, Chun Fen had told Tung Shing that she is willing to do anything to protect him, including helping him in his revenge. Tung Shing decided to give up on revenge and elope with her. Because of this Chun Fen tried to persuade Ming Fung to let Tung Shing go. However, likewise Chun Fen, Ming Fung will do anything - to protect Man Hei (Bowie) and will not hesitate to go against her principles. Because of this, Ming Fung and Chun Fen relationship was strained...

Clips: Fearsome Women

Sehseh: Wow, never knew that people back then was so 'adventurous'. Actually, Chun Fen and Tung Shing thought they're going to die therefore they threw caution into the wind. Anyway, what a passionate kiss! Too bad it was too dark in the well :P

Chun Fen is starting to become a stronger person every episode. Though she's not as brave a Ming Fung or as intelligent as Jiu Yuk, her perseverance and thoughtfulness are much admired. Especially after Man Hei advised her not to give up (that scene was great, you get to see the other side of Man Hei as well).

About Tung Shing promise to elope with her, I'm still skeptical. I guess we'll have to see what goes on in the next episodes. Ming Fung on the other hand, used to be my fav character. That is - until yesterday's episode. What attracted me to her was her bravery and sense of justice. Why TVB made her lose her principles after falling in love with Man Hei? Suddenly, she has become such a jealous and obsessive woman. Why all the women here has to live and die; solely because of men? There's even a line: "People said that women are most pitiful, but actually women are most fearsome creature. They turn fearsome to protect their men. Our men is our lifetime career and success."

p.s. If only Tung Yeung rescued Chun Fen when she was being burned on the stake, she would have fallen in love with him. Too bad the two women locked him in his room. I personally think Tung Yeung - Chun Fen could make a good couple, because they're simple minded and contended with what they have. I can easily picture them working on the farm together, poor but happy with their life.

Enjoy the DOP clips above :)

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