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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Charmaine comments on Mr Hong Kong

[Ta Kung Pao 04/06/06]
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Charmaine Sheh and Roger Kwok were filming earlier at TVB City for new series "Pearl of the Orient" and Roger's skin seemed to be very dark. He explains that the story tells of how Evergreen Mak's character mistakes Roger for murdering his wife, so he seeks revenge from Roger, but Roger is missing Charmaine, who plays a singer, so he has to darken his skin as a disguise to avoid Evergreen and sneak into the studios to see her. Roger says that he will soon be going to Taiwan with Jessica Hsuan to promote "Life Made Simple", but he will only be spending a day there because he has to continue filming.

Charmaine reveals that filming will be completed in two weeks for this series, but she will move straight onto her next series and not have time for a rest. With the fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants drawing their numbers yesterday, Charmaine laughs: "I should go and take a look! I am just afraid that my 70's outfit will scare them." As for the earlier displays of 'shaking muscles' that the men were giving, Charmaine says this is not unusual enough, so they will need to think up some new gimmicks to steal the show. Asked what would be best, she smiles: "The most important thing is for them to be good looking, because then we can work together in the future in series."

As for this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants, Charmaine says the standard is not bad as many have long arms and legs. As for the negative press that is already surrounding them, Charmaine gives some advice from her own experience and says: "For now, the most important thing is to learn what you need from the production team, such as conversation skills and elocution. Other things don't need to be so open, but sometimes rumours are beyond your control and you just have to make sure you are doing the right thing and keeping beautiful."

Translation credit to Em.


p.s. At that time, Benny passes by to ask Charmaine out for lunch. He declined to take pics with Charmaine because their costumes does not match.

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