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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big Lazy Worm

[The Conquest] Episode 6

Download here.

Fan Li: Actually, I love to cook. When I was small, my dream was to be a chef.

Xi Shi: Hmm... If you became Chef Fan, then the world renowned Minister Fan will be gone?

Fan Li: (Chuckle) World renowned? Don't flatter me.

Xi Shi: Really, all of us heard of your name. But I don't know how to write...

Fan Li: (Nods) The 'Li' word was really difficult to write. It originally meant 'worm/insect'.

Xi Shi: Worm?

Fan Li: Maybe my father think that I will be a big lazy worm.

Xi Shi: (Laughs)

Fan Li: But there is another meaning. That is water dipper made from shell.

Xi Shi: Water dipper made from shell? It's exquisite yet practical. Your parent chose a meaningful name.

Fan Li: But I prefer to be a big lazy worm...

Another cute scene where Fan Li teased Xi Shi to cover her face otherwise they won't be able to catch any fish.

Sehseh: Hehehehe... Fan Li is such a humorous and intelligent guy. Now wonder Xi Shi was so in love with him. I was suppose to upload some clips of [The Conquest] last night, but cancelled it because I was like FL, such a big lazy worm. I'll drag myself to upload it tonight :P

[Pearl of Orient] mag translation is coming up.

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