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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Belated Update

Sorry guys... been busy lately so I left out some updates. Better late than never :P

Good news: There will be new updates, I will upload some DOP clips and also the Top Chinese TVDrama award clip tonight. Look out for it!

New Charmaine Sheh discussion forum
For those who use to hang out at Cinple, you'll see many familiar faces at our forum. Call it a temporary migration.

TVB Management Artistes Pictorial

More pics at Tvbchinesenews. Get well soon, Kitson!

DOP cast - TVB Magazine Cover Story

Weekend Weekly Magazine

Images credit to Bebe and

Raymond Lam busy filming new series in Taiwan

Credit to Raymond Lam Baidu Forum.

Added 4 more pics of DOP cast promo shoot. More here.

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