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Monday, June 05, 2006

The 2nd Top Chinese TVDrama Award

The 2nd Top Chinese TVDrama Award final results

Mainland China Most Popular Award
1.Hu Ge - 77539 votes
2.Huang Xiao Ming - 58506 votes
3.Deng Chao - 57419 votes
4.Tong Da Wei - 53287 votes
5.Chen Kun - 51859 votes

1.Vicky Zhao - 92137 votes
2.Liu Yi Fei - 83575 votes
3.Sun Li - 64184 votes
4.Betty Huang - 63010 votes
5.Liu Tao - 55821 votes

Hong Kong Most Popular Award
1.Roger Kwok - 77427 votes
2.Raymond Lam - 72791 votes
3.Julian Cheung - 70033 votes
4.Bowie Lam - 68295 votes
5.Wallace Zhong - 67059 votes

1.Charmaine Sheh - 73686 votes
2.Kenix Kwok - 72714 votes
3.Jessica Hsuan - 68373 votes
4.Gigi Lai - 64652 votes
5.Michelle Ye - 63158 votes

Taiwan Most Popular Award
1.Peter Ho - 115939 votes (WOW! So many votes!)
2.Joseph Zheng - 85159 votes
3.Jimmy Lin - 71172 votes
4.Alex Su - 62513 votes
5.Vic Zhou - 61507 votes

1.Ruby Lin - 69501 votes
2.Barbie Hsu - 64887 votes
3.Ariel Lin - 63292 votes
4.Zhang Ting - 62443 votes
5.Tammy Chen - 57769 votes

Source: (Chinese).

Congrats to all the winners and nominees! Though new, this award is consider prestigious in TV world as it receive acknowledgement from official media such as Sina, QQ, 163, Yahoo!, Tom, Sohu and etc. The vote was monitored by A.C. Nielsen.

The award ceremony will be held on June 6th, 2006 at Beijing, China. As Charmaine has won, she will most likely make an appearance. Other nominees from TVB which have confirmed attendance (via credible fansites) are Bowie Lam and Raymond Lam.

Goofs: Pay attention to the english title in the official site. They misspelled 2nd as 2st. Either the editor is sleeping on the job or is their english really that horrible?

p.s. It's some time since I visited New TVB cinple forum, and as expected there are some sourgrapes and haters jumping on the opportunity to bash Charmaine. Nothing shocks me though, as I said: expected. Wonder if they read back their comments 10 years from now, will they be embarrased?


Helen said...

About that typo thing, let's put it this way, I have seen worse in some China websites, signs, promotional material etc. They still have quite a bit of catching up to do.

sehseh said...

I know... my fav joke is:

"Chicken Lice"


"Fried Dumping"

lol... :P

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