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Friday, June 09, 2006

The 2nd Top Chinese TVDrama Award Clips

Red Carpet

Download the clip here.

When asked to comment on their feelings, they joked that if they said it now, they will have nothing to say in their acceptance speech!

Award Ceremony

Download the clip here.

Charmaine: Thank you. I'm very happy, really so happy. The most important thing is that I have to thank my fans for supporting me. You all are indeed very nice. When I'm at Hengdian, you all went to Hengdian. When I'm at YinChuan, you all went to Yinchuan. When I went to HuaiYou (Studio), you all went to Huaiyou. Wherever I went, you will also come. Therefore, I'm really thankful for your support. I will continue to work hard and not disappoint you all. Also thank you to Netandtv, also thank you to my management TVB, Miss Lok and Tina, who was always by my side, supporting me. Also thank you to my mum.

Roger: Filming for so many years, I felt that acting is a very exciting career. We actors have to follow whatever the director request. When they say 'Action!' we have to start acting, when they yell 'Cut!', we have to stop immediately. It doesn't matter if you are feeling painful, unhappy or crying - you have to act wholeheartedly. However, there are bound to be happy thing, like tonight. I hope that this trophy will always remind me of your votes. Thank you Netandtv, thank you TVB, and thank you to Miss Lok.

Press Interview

Download the clip here.

Host: The two winner of HK Most Popular TV Actor and Actress are seated, the press are welcome to ask questions now.

Reporter (R): Charmaine, it's your first time winning an award in Mainland, how are you feeling?

Charmaine: This meant a lot to me, very encouraging to me. This is because the market in Mainland is much larger than Hong Kong. It's very happy to know that a lot of people voted. I will strive harder in the future.

R: Roger, what is you opinion on this award?

Roger: I have received an award in Guangzhou before, but receiving an award here in Beijing made me feel very proud (prestigious). Because in HK, there's still a long road ahead, therefore I'm happy to receive this award.

R: Receiving this award, who will you share the happiness with?

Roger: My family. Before this, there was a huge gap between me and my family, due to me working non-stop. Recently, I have reduced my workload and now my relationship with them has improved, we are very close. Nowaday, everytime I won an award, I'll inform them first.

R: Charmaine, did you inform Benny Chan about your award?

Charmaine: No, I think he might be watching TV.

R: Both of you (Roger & Charmaine) have partnered before, how about your relationship in private?

Charmaine: We are good colleague and friend. This is because we have filmed a series "A Herbalist Affair" in Shanghai before. Three years later, we are now filming new series "Pearl of Orient" together in Hong Kong. It's a 70's series.

R: Roger, when do you feel Charmaine is most beautiful?

Roger: She's getting more beautiful.

R: So what do you look for in a girl?

Roger: A lot of different factor.

R: For example, that reporter?

Roger: Sorry, my view was blocked. Well, your clothes are very nice and cute.

R: What is your opinion on DOP?

Charmaine: We have high hopes for this series, because we put a lot of effort and hard work in it. However, the outcome is not in our control. We hope the audience will enjoy it, because we (cast) enjoy this series. Therefore, the ratings are not too important to me.

R: Since you're so busy with filming, how to you keep a happy mood and fit body?

Roger: Very simple, by working non-stop our body will become better.

Charmaine: If we get to rest, we will sleep and eat continuosly...

Roger We eat and sleep until we get puffy. Our body are in best condition while working.

Charmaine: I worked until 3am last night and got up at 5am to come here. I didn't sleep much but still feel great.

R: How is your relationship with Gigi Lai?

Charmaine: We can't control the rumours. However, we are good friends.

R: In "Tian Xia Di Yi", your character is so different from you in real life. Was is difficult to portray the role?

Roger: The series was the most difficult wuxia series for me. Wong Jing is the kind of director that can bring out your hidden talent. Sometimes when I'm with friends, I can get mischievous like the character too.

R: Are you interested in World Cup?

Roger: I support Brazil.

R: What is your new project, do you plan to explore in singing?

Charmaine: I'm interested, because singing is different from acting. You only get feedback months after you finish filming and the series get broadcasted. But if singing live, you will receive an immediate feedback, so it's quite fun.

Host: Thank you, we have another three TVB actors ready for interview.

A huge Thank You to There are more other clips, which I will try to upload tonight or tomorrow as I'm feeling rather unwell today.

*New update, Part 2!

Summary of TVB Artistes

Download the clip here.

Raymond's Interview

Download the clip here. Thanks to Raymond Forest.

New! Added June 17, 2006

Ray & Ron receiving their award

Download the clip here. Charray fans, don't blink.

Ray: You first.

Ron: My mandarin is not good.

Ray: No problem, I'll help you translate.

Ron: (Laughs) First, I would like to thank Netandtv, my company TVB, my management, and the fans/audiences that keep supporting our TV series. And thank you too (Ray).

Ray: Of course I'll have to thank my good friend Ron, we worked in TOB before, we heard that a lot of people liked it. Also thanking Miss Lok for trusting us, my manager Candy, all my colleagues and my fans who supported me. Thanks.

Ron: Thanks.

(end of acceptance speech)

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