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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Performing the Golden Oldies

TVB magazine scan, Pearl of Orient:

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Below are my loose translation of the mag scans above:

Pearl of Orient is a musical drama using the 60's and 70's era as the backdrop. The story revolves around a group of popular singers in the nightclub. The characters are loosely based on some famous singers during that era and portrayed by Liza Wang, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, and Lai Lok Yi etc.

Roger Kwok will be singing
Roger's character is loosely based on a popular singer Ching San, who joined Liza's troupe after his popularity fell. In the story, Roger portrayed Ling Fung, who was nicknamed [Crooner with a Thousand Change], therefore he'll be singing and dancing a lot in this series. To prepare for his role, Roger kept playing the oldies in his car. He has no problem with dancing as he practiced annually for TVB anniversary show. He also like his costumes in this series, especially his suits which are tailor made for him by famous labels.

Charmaine Sheh stuttering role
Charmaine will be portraying a pure girl singer - Xun Lan, loosely based on singer Yau Nga. However, her character stutters in the beginning. Charmaine: "There's a scene where I was auditioning in front of Liza, to hide the fact that I'm stuttering, I picked a Russian song. Even Liza character doesn't understand what I'm singing. However, the Russian language was so hard to memorize. I have to refer to cardboard while singing; that was very difficult to film."

Liza Wang as singing troupe leader
Liza portrays Kam Yeen, who is the leader of the singing troupe. When she was young, Kam Yeen was popular songbird. Her image will be based Sandra Sin and Chopsticks Sisters. Liza: "I didn't use my personal accessories for this series. The company provided all the costumes. Even though I was from that era, I was slimmer back then. Plus, I couldn't find them back, so the company will be providing."

Lai Lok Yi pretending to be Beatles
Lai Lok Yi will be portraying modern era singer; Hui Weng Hong. His images are loosely based on Beatles and Sam Hui. "Because the era is around 60's to 70's, I re-watch some of Beatles performances and learned simple dance steps. I have to wear long wig in this series, and they always blocked my view so I have to swept it aside."

Sehseh: Haha... Charmaine will be portraying a pure girl image (yuk nui) in this series but I think her character will change a bit later. Look at the bottom left pic: she look so foxy! Lai Lok Yi image also look cute.

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