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Sunday, May 14, 2006

New updates

My pc is still at the ICU, therefore it kind of took me some time to translate the articles at cyber cafe.

Anyway, updated several articles including the recent Charmaine news and also interview article with Moses Chan. Plus, I've also translated [Pearl of Orient] article below.

In regards of clips, I have added plenty of DOP related clips and also [Lovers of Golden Sands] preview MV. Just click on the DOP banner on top of this site and it will bring you to the download folder.

Talking about new clips, I have reposted a mandarin clip of [Phoenix Quartet]. The clip interviewed Charmaine, Joe and Sammul, where they mentioned how confusing the changing storyline was. Download here.

TV Series Forum is Back!

Yes, TVSF is back! Thanks to Hei for informing me about it. To register, just go here: TVSF.

New! More DOP postcards, courtesy of KKO from

p.s. Since my pc is still down, can someone please rip for me the ending song of DOP episode 10? I have no idea who sang that song but I like it very much!

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