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Sunday, May 21, 2006

MV: Lovers of Golden Sand

To download the MV, go here.

In addition, I have added DOP themesong - Sandstorm (full version) to DOP Download Folder.
Many thanks to Koecharmaine and for the clip. Courtesy of TVB.

DOP Clip: Maggie Shiu as Long Yuet (Warning: SPOILERS ahead)

Again, sorry for the double dubbing. To download the clip, go to my DOP download folder and choose the clip titled Clip: Long Yuet.

The clip above is from DOP episode 14. Very impressed with Maggie's acting. She was so immersed in her character that she only realize her back was injured the next morning after being dragged on the ground by Kenny. Poor Maggie, she couldn't even get up from her bed because of this injury.

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