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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moses is a good boyfriend

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Charmaine: "Moses is my ideal boyfriend type."

Yesterday, Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh went for a radio interview at Metro Radio Station. Moses was asked about the recent news that he stayed overnight at Angela Tong's home. Moses casually replied: "I already replied, I went to a friend's house, but it was not Angela's." (Angela said that you are a good man) "Really? Thanks." (Are you a good man?) "I'm OK. I'm like any ordinary people."

Charmaine also praised Moses as an ideal boyfriend: "He's tall, handsome, fit, fashionable, know how to cat-walk and arrive at work punctually!" After hearing Charmaine's praises, Moses became very happy: "Actually, a lot of people praised me so! (Did Bernice praise you?) I don't know, can't remember." Moses also said that his cooking skill is excellent and Charmaine asked why he never cooked for them (colleagues). Moses jested: "Well, I can't give everyone a piece of steak."

During the interview, both of them discussed about their roles and amusing incidents while filming [Dance of Passion]. Moses has confidence that the rating will continue to rise because the series has not reached climax yet. Charmaine hope that they can break WAB's record and maybe go back to YinChuan for celebration. Both of them said that they have more opportunities to earn extra income in HK and Mainland China due to DOP.

News translated from Wenweipo, Takungpao, The Sun, Mingpao & Singpao. Please give due credit if reposted.

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