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Sunday, May 21, 2006

MingPao Magazine, Issue 1958


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Charmaine Sheh … "Money is Important"

Since entering entertainment field, Charmaine has been nicknamed as "Dey Jing" (coy) and "Snake Waist", making her the target of wealthy men. However, Charmaine rarely attends public functions like ball or movie premiere and those interested couldn't approach her easily. Thus, her 'value' has increased over time.

Charmaine says that you can't get whatever you wish in life, quoting [Those which you cannot have are the best]. She also stressed that one should depend on themselves. She hopes to earn more money while she is still young and cut down on her upside-down lifestyle. In regard to wealthy men pursuing her, she rejected them directly to prevent any further problems.

Charmaine Sheh owns a coy voice, in addition of her tiny 22 inch waist and MHK background; she has became the target of wealthy men early on. Because Charmaine has always been busy filming series, she rarely attends public functions like ball and premieres, making it difficult for them to approach her. However, this has not affected her 'value'. Last year August after attending a car show (Ferrari), she intended to purchase one using her own money but the waiting list was as long as two years, so she gave up. A businessman took the opportunity to approach Charmaine by booking one for her. Plus, her popularity has been increasing since the airing of [Dance of Passion].

When asked how many wealthy men are pursuing her, Charmaine was reluctant to give the exact numbers. However, she admits that she will reject them directly. "I like to depend on myself, I will tell them 'Thank you, but I don't need it.' Anyway, I will reject them directly and not let the matter drag. I feel that there must be certain things in life you cannot get, those that you cannot have are precious and worthwhile. This make life more fun, if you can get anything you wish, life will be boring."

How about the wealthy businessman who booked the car for her? "Actually, he never say it was a present for me, but I admire his passion in helping me. However, I don't believe in getting reward without working in this world, I prefer to depend on myself."

Increasing Value

Charmaine's quote of [Those that you cannot have are precious and worthwhile] not only increased her value among wealthy men, but have also increased her fees as well due to her packed schedule. Since [War and Beauty] was aired in Mainland China, a lot of film producers has been approaching her.

Currently, there are four Mainland China projects in discussion with her. After finishing [Pearl of Orient] in June, Charmaine will be filming a new series with TVB, therefore she don't have the time to earn money in Mainland China. However, to get her schedule, those film producers even said, "Money is not a problem, as long as she can make an appearance." About her increased fees, Charmaine expressed: "Our fees are like seafood price, currently DOP is airing, so there will be a little increased in fees. (We heard that your fees have increased 50%?) This is the management's decision; the company will adjust for me. Actually, I wish to break into Mainland's market, but my schedule for later half-year was already packed. It will be better if the time (6 months) could be stretch to a year, because I can received more jobs and earn more money."

News has it that earlier this month, Charmaine was invited to a leather store opening (COBO). Though her fee has increased 50%, the store was still willing to pay for it. With only one plus hour of the event, Charmaine has pocketed more than HKD100,000. "The fees does not depend on the popularity of a single TV series, it is the result of all the hard work accumulated."

The Hardship of Earning Money

Charmaine is a very productive actress, filming series non-stop. In DOP, she has to do a lot of difficult stunts, like carrying Kenny Wong, climbing up the well and running around on the mountain. All those she did on her own, so it's no wonder that her fellow cast vote her as the [Most Enduring Cast]. At this, Charmaine smiled and said that money is very difficult to earn; "I think that money is very important. Plus I'm those people who 'accumulate grains before famine' (akin for preparing umbrella for rainy days); I hope to earn more money while I'm still young and lessen the lifestyle of working overnight. Furthermore, I wish to get married and have kids, taking care of my children after marriage and give them a better life. Therefore, I need to work hard and earn money now."

Another reason why Charmaine is taking the opportunity to earn money now is because she understands that a Fadan's life is very short-lived. "I hope that filming series will not take a big space in my life. I don't want to be filming until I became a veteran. I hope I can reduce my production sooner, because I realize after a few more years, I will become too exhausted. The past few years has really been difficult, I hardly get to rest and enjoy life." Speaking of her 'retirement plan', did she discussed this with her boyfriend Benny Chan?

Charmaine asked in reply: "Why should I discuss with him? He is just a friend, plus I'm not retiring, I just want to reduce my workload. Women will eventually get married and take care of the family; therefore the time for work will be reduced. I don't need to discuss with anyone."

Purchasing Properties for Investment

Even though Charmaine understand that her money was hard earned, she only depends on property investment by buying apartments. Currently, she has two apartments worth more than HKD10 million. However, she hopes to own a double storey home. "I don't know about investment, nor do I have the time to learn. I want to live in a double storey home because my current apartment does not have enough space. Plus, I like purchasing properties; it's a way of rewarding myself for all the hard work. It is always better to buy something practical."

Sehseh: Wow, so Charmaine might be filming Mainland projects next year? Can they wait so long? A long time ago, I read that she was suppose to film more mainland projects because a producer was very impressed with her but couldn't afford her fees. So now they say money is not the problem? The problem is, are they willing to wait so long? A lot of thing can happen within 6 months. Look at the bright side: Charmaine is going to film a new series in June and aren't we curious which series she's referring to? Hehe... let's just cross our fingers and hope the new series is exactly the one I had in mind. Hint: 150.

Meanwhile, Range has posted a new interview with Charmaine:

Charmaine Sheh Not Ready For Marriage

Range has also included the donwload link for [All About Woman] concert.


Funn Lim said...

I don't like the tone of this article or the pictures. It is as if that being an actress she has a value and having a value meant she can be bought and that makes her sound like a prostitute and trivialising her career. It's as if she is increasing her price just to nab a rich man to be a sugar daddy. In fact this is not the first article that I have read that may suggest that. ANd the pictures didn't help either, which were unnecessarily raunchy in a very cheap way. Can't someone write a decent article and interview without venturing into values and all? All of a sudden I miss all those Benny Chan links because it didn't sound as if she's like a prostitute with a price tag.

Are actresses in HK that not respected at all?

sehseh said...

Sadly, this is the tone of the HK tabloids these day. I already consider her dress conservative for Mingpao. I've seen (over)exposure pics and poses by other actress that I don't even bother mention.

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